It Bags turn yellow?

  1. Most of my teeny collection is Coach (with one Dooney Anniversary Hobo) but I'm really digging the Dooney It bags. I was scouting eBay trying to find one and came across a listing for a white It Bucket Bag which says the "outside of the bag has yellowed with age which is normal (?) for all Donney bags." Is that for real? If so, I think I'll steer clear. Has anyone experience their bags yellowing like this? Thanks!
  2. Weird, I have the barrel bag and it's still the pretty cream color it was when I got it.
  3. Good to hear...I may just get the wristlet. That way it won't be exposed to the elements and will be less likely to discolor, if that's the tendency.

    (I just saw the other thread "It Bag Discoloration." Sorry for double-posting.)
  4. i've seen a lot of girls around town with these bags, and a most of them have yellowed.
  5. I've never seen a yellowed one IRL. Maybe it's a climate thing?
  6. Hi! I bought the barrel IT Bag 3 years ago and it has since turned yellow. I didn't put in a a sleeper bag and I'm guessing that's the reason why. I also have the zip around IT wallet which was inside in the barrel and that didn't turn yellow. Hope this helps!
  7. ^^Mine isn't in the dustbag either and it hasn't changed color. I wonder why some do and some don't?
  8. I think the reason why ppls Dooneys turn yellow is because they leave them in their cars or in window that are quite hot and it turns the bag yellow ... kinda cooks it. That is what I believe it is.
  9. I've heard of that happening and I think that Shazarae has good point about weather conditions... but I don't know. It could be a combo of many things. Its the material probably. Too bad- they are so cute.

    There is a reason why these nice bags come with a dust bag.
  10. You're probably right. I have never had a problem with mine but my friend has one of the round backpacks in black and there are big white spots in places under the top layer. I have no idea what in the world she did to that poor bag.
  11. I have a small wristlet that has slight yellow discoloration around the outer seams, but it's usually something I use inside my other bags so no big deal to me... BUT if it was a whole bag I'd be so :cursing:!!!
  12. I would be really upset, too! I've seen so many of them on eBay that have discolored...and not just the white bags! I love the design so much, I think I may still get a wristlet.
  13. I woudn't buy it.