IT bags for what age?

  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm almost 30 years old. Do you think IT bags are for younger women? I see mostly teenagers and women in their 20's carry them. I really like this line, but afraid it's too young looking for me. :confused1:
  2. I've seen women MUCH older than 30 carrying IT bags, and's all in the style/color you carry and how you carry yourself.

    I think you could use one if you really wanted to! Just stick to the white and black ones.
  3. I love the version of this bag that dooney makes for QVC with just the one color in the signature (and not the mulit-color). Check them out. I'm also in my 30's also and I think this style is easier to pull off. I have one in black. Also, I notice far fewer of them while I am out and I like that.
  4. I think that any age could wear it, besides if you love a bag you shouldn't care if it looks too young as long as you love it! **Allison**
  5. Actually, I've seen older women carry IT bags. You shouldn't stop yourself from wearing something you like. :yes:
  6. don't worry about it or fret over. if you don't feel comfortable carrying this line then reconsider. it COULD be the location that you're from where you see a lot of younger people carrying the bag. i think this bag could be used at any age. have fun with your bag!
  7. I don't think age should restrict you at all.
  8. Dooneys have many different styles, and besides that, if YOU like something you shouldn't worry about anything and just get it. I actually don't have any dooneys (don't hate!) but was recently thinking about getting a coin purse or something from the bumblebee line. First I was But they're so cute! I simply want something from that line because *I* like it and it would make me happy. I'm sure you will find something (or several) designs that will suit your wants and needs. Goodluck!

    edit- LOL honey 30 is not old, and even if you were 80 I would say go for it!
  9. I am 30... will be 31 in august. I have an IT bag, and wallet! You are definetly not too old lol.;)
  10. Im 37 and have several. Your never too old for color and fun!
  11. My mom is in her 40's and she has a bag in the doodle print. She doesn't look out of place wearing it, plus she loves it!! I wouldn't worry about wearing an IT bag at any age anyway. They're very cute!!
  12. I think any age can carry one. I see anyone from age 10 to age 75 with one. My Grandma is in her 60's and freakin has one. You should just buy what you like and if you love it wear it.
  13. i didn't like them in hs, and i certainly don't like them now.

    that being said, i see so many people mid- later 20s with them.
  14. I love the It bags, but I'm 40 and I think I'm too old to carry one. I also think I'm too old for a pastel colored bag, shopping in the juniors dept., bubblegum,......
  15. Age isa number and nothing more. you could be 50 and feel 30, if you're hip and up in style carry what you like. There are people that are 30 and dress like a 50 yr old.. So its all about YOU and you're style and what you like.