It bags for the fall06/spring 07

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  1. Hi,
    I am trying to update by bag collection. I want to get 3 good bags for the fall. Does anyone have suggestions about the 3 bags I should get?
    I have a few ideas, I was thinking of the YSL muse, there is the gucci with the chain handle and a Jimmy choo, what do u think?
  2. I'm hoping the YSL muse will still be hot for fall as I just saw one IRL and I got hot flashes just looking at it. I also think Chloes Edith will be good and the Damier Azur.
  3. Here are three bags I'm looking at .......

  4. Those bags are HOT!!
  5. muse is a great choice :wlae:
    if over sized Muse wasnt just way too big for me.. the black one would have been my lovliest fall bag..
    what a pitty! :crybaby:
  6. Love that gucci! smokin hot
  7. gucci has some hot bags out this fall. but they are all sooooo expensive! there is one wristlet clutch with a wrist chain going for 1850. i think i fainted. it's so hot.
  8. I think the Marc Jacobs Stams are still going strong for fall: the new Hobo and East/West versions.
  9. Here's the third bag I'm looking at ....

  10. If you like gucci, you should try to get the limited edition ones! ;)
  11. i think balenciaga is still on too :P
  12. That leopard in the red section of the purse kinda scares me! LOL:lol:
  13. It depends on what you're planning on using the bags for: everyday, casual, evening, etc. I really like the Gucci bag, I think that will be a good investment because that will remain classic through the years.

  14. I saw this bag in person today. I fell in love with it. Any idea where I can find it? The woman I saw it on had gotten it for a gift and had no idea.....

  15. I think the miumiu hobo..