"It " bags for the elderly?

  1. I'll start by saying that I'm not really a label lover(well kinda) but if I want something, I'll get it without regard to who designs/makes it etc. So, I needed a decent, inexpensive tote bag to lug my stuff around as I leave it in the car trunk all day while I'm working. I found a nice big black bag by Paloma Picasso (sp), it's kinda nylon with a big gold X on the front and has patent straps and a patent bottom which is signed Palama Picasso.

    This totally meets my daytime, sitting in the trunk of my car needs and is also kinda funky too.

    Anyway, some friends called Sunday and we went out to eat and an elderly church group was at the restaurant. One of the little ladies walked over to me and complimented my bag. I thought it was so cute...

    Then I noticed another one of the ladies eyeing me, and hanging from her chair was (you guessed it) a white patent leather handbag with a big gold X on the front of it!

    Now I'm wondering...
    Are Paloma Picasso handbags the "It" Bags of the elderly? :smile: If so, I rock!
  2. Don't know, but my 74 year old mom carries a bordeaux Balenciaga city bag. I guess whatever they like, that is their IT bag!
  3. That is so awesome! hehe
  4. It just made me wonder if bags by Paloma Picasso were really popular a long time ago...
  5. Yes, they were! I still have a black one my mom gave to me about 25 years ago.
  6. I knew it! Thanks misslola!