"It" bags...difficult (or not so) to locate? What bags have you "spotted" recently?

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  1. I was in NYC this weekend...after an 18-hour travel day yesterday, am now home again...was a bit suprised to see so many "it" bags available for purchase...

    Bergdorf Goodman...Fendi b-bags...tan with black patent in medium and large sizes, medium (I think) lace b-bag...red Chloe paddington

    Dior on 57th...several gaucho bags (various styles and colors)

    SFA...multiple gaucho bags

    YSL muse seems fairly "available"

    Practically (now) classic (formerly?) "it" bags...

    Chloe on Madison...several paddys (various colors), several python silverados, various Betty styles

    B-bags everywhere ( Barneys NY, Jeffrey, Kirna Zabete) in the spring colors...

    So what have you spotted lately? Will the Chloe Edith be the only "difficult to find" spring bag...assuming you have not placed an order already?
  2. I agree with you, SoCal. I think there's been a lot of "it" bag hype lately and they're all pretty easy to find. Just put my order in for the Edith today.....I was lucky to get it!
  3. No fair! The Fendi B. bag is already out in NYC!? We get screwed in the West Coast :P
  4. In terms of "it" bags. The NM out here in San Diego has quite a bit of B-bags. They have it in ink, black, and white. Variety of shapes, sizes, styles. I'm not familiar with their bags, so I have NO clue what they're called. But if you're looking for one of those colors. Call them--I'm sure they have what you're looking for.

    They also have a MJ Stam in BLACK--the new Spring 06 with the improved kisslock and lined in a yummy cream/yellow suede. Their number is 619.692.9100 if you're interested. They close early though... M-W: 7pm PST and R-Sat 8 pm PST and Sun 6pm PST.
  5. I know it has popped up online (e.g. eluxury), but I was quite suprised to see this one in the store... Hmmm...also saw them at the BH NM trunk show, so were available to pre-order in CA, but have not seen them "on the shelves" here.
  6. NYC is not the typical purse market. In general, "the city" is much more sophisticated when it comes to style and brands. Plus, a lot fo distributors tends to supply NYC as oppose to other cities as it is where the demand is and where trends begin. It's the only city where I saw women with Hermes birkins everywhere.
  7. For awhile I was really into the B.bag in the medium shoulder style in the tan leather/black patent--like the one Saks has on pre-order. Did you see that in NY? And if so, what'd you think? I think I've gotten tired of waiting and heard too many comments on how it looks like toilet seats, horseshoes, cartoony, pierced droopy boobs, etc. that I sorta lost interest. Just curious what you thought of the bag BEFORE and AFTER you saw them....
  8. wow! fun! i've ever seen ONE real chloe silverado over here and that was when i was at the supermarket the other day and i saw this girl with one - shes the daughter of a famous NZ designer.... :smile:
  9. The NM in Orlando had a whiskey Chloe paddington and the Betty satchel on Friday. I stopped to look at them and the SA came up to me and asked if I was interested. I told her I had the paddy, and she then showed me the other Chloe bags that they had on display. I asked if they had the Edith, but no such luck :sad:

    I also saw a black Spy at Bloomingdale's a couple of weeks ago.
  10. I was in NYC today, this past weekend and Americana mall in Long Island, EVERYONE had a Balenciaga in all different colors. My husband spotted one girl at the NYC Barneys connecting eye-to-eye with a bag on display for like 5 minutes. It was so funny. I went out for a quick run to the city, and in a matter of 40 minutes, I saw 7 girls wearing them.
  11. Nordstrom's in West LA normally doesn't carry Chloé, but they have one tan Silverado in the display case. Apparently it was a return.
  12. To be honest, I did not love the b.Fendi or the gaucho BEFORE or AFTER viewing them IRL. I first tried the b.Fendi out at a NM trunk show. I liked the fact that the medium bag could be worn on the shoulder as an alternative to the arm, but I just did not covet it... My husband refers to it as the "horseshoe" bag...it has always reminded me of a bag that Minnie Mouse would carry for some reason...

    And the gaucho...I lived in AZ for a time and CO briefly...I think if you have lived in the West, you probably do not need to re-live it in the form of a handbag (never did get into that cowboy vibe)...

    I keep wondering about the Chloe Edith...I haven't made up my mind yet... Can't quite figure out the press on this one and HAVE NOT seen it in real life... (Hmmm...I am a psychologist and researcher, so conclusions are not drawn until all data is available...)

    Has anyone seen the Edith IRL?
  13. Yeah, I've seen a lot of those bags just readily available. I want to go check out the B. Fendi bags, I wonder if they came in yet :biggrin:
  14. I've wondered about the Edith myself. I'm not sure what the hype is about, but I got worried that if it IS fabulous...I'll be sorry I didn't get one. I pre-ordered if from NM for a reason...if I don't like, it's going back and I won't be stuck with a darn store credit!
  15. I did the same thing! A just in case in turns out to be fabulous option, but not stuck with a credit in case my hunch (that I do not covet it) is accurate...