"IT" Bag/Item for 2006. What do you think it is?

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  1. The year is almost coming to a close. What was the "IT" 2006 item/collection for you?

    For Ltd Ed: I liked the Leopard, Miroir, Oueva, Perfo and Tobago (part. Shoe Bag).
    For current collections: I like the Groom series and Stephen bags.:yes:
  2. Beside Miroir I think that the Damier speedy last summer and Damier Azur were my "IT" items from LV this year. I also loved the Onatah collection, both in suede and leather. Non of the others gave me that "have to have" feeling so I'm really happy with the items I got this year.
  3. I think the IT bags from LV this year where the miroir and leopard!
    I also love the azur but I think thats more spring 07
  4. For me it was also the Damier speedy and the Groom series.
    Overall for LV....I would have to say Miroir!
  5. For me it will always be Polly :love: or Cathy.
  6. personally: Tobago, Vail and Ouvea. i just have to have them :yes:

    but the best seller for 2006 would have to be Damier Speedy.
  7. i'd have to say
    IT bag:- miroir
    IT item:- snowglobe
  8. Lock-it and stamped bag (suede in LV bags is rare).
    More exclusive not to much shown...

    The other bags with gold/silver or animalier -in my opinion- are only made to recall attention by media.
  9. My "IT" bag is Polly/Cathy embossed... Maybe someday if I can break my bad habit of buying exclusively from the boutique only... Might try second-hand...:sad::s :shrugs: