"It Bag" as defined by Wikipedia (it lists the RM MAB!)...

  1. I was googling the Tressje Asher satchel to see all the places the bag is carried, and this Wikipedia entry popped up, with the Tressje Asher Satchel I've been eyeing and RM's MAB! Who knew?

    It Bag

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    It Bag is a fashion handbag.
    The term was coined in the 1990s with the explosive growth of the handbag market in fashion. Designers vied to produce one bag that would sell hundreds of thousands of units by becoming the bag "of the moment" -- a single handbag style that would spread like wildfire in popularity through the intertwined worlds of fashion and celebrity, aided by clever or just plain lucky marketing. Another way to define them is to say what other bags are not: "They are most definitely not it bags in the sense that they become isn't bags the next season." (Poppy Harlow)

    As consumers have become more demanding, and in the face of structural changes in the handbag market, the It Bag is declining in popularity[1]. More and more fashion companies are diversifying their offers, and no longer does one style blaze through a season.

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  2. Lightening fast for a new designer...Love RM!
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