It arrived today!!!! But....

  1. My bag came today and I was so excited, I love the bag and the color is just a beautiful creamy ivory but...
    I can't help but be a little disappointed :confused1:

    The leather is perfect, but there a few black/green dots that I understand could be from oxidization. Also there was no plastic cover on the inside silver tag, and there is a small scratch on it. And the hardware was folded up against the bag and left a slight brown mark on the back where the handle attaches.

    I :heart: the bag, but I'm not sure I can get over these little imperfections...

    Any advice? Is AH good with exchanges??

    (have photos but not sure how to add to the post..)
  2. Back she goes if you're not 1000% satisfied.
  3. I sad to hear that you aren't completely happy. I haven't dealt with AH...but I have noticed with Bbags... it's often hit or miss with details. It's a gamble...who knows next time what set of circumstances might come along with it.
  4. What store is "AH"? I must have a mental block ...all I can think of is Albert Heijn...and I know that ain't right! ;)
  5. AH is Aloha Rag, I know they're small details but somehow the bag almost had looked used to me. Have a feeling it may have been a display bag or maybe previously returned. I think what I'll do is sleep on it and look at it again tomorrow.
  6. maybe you can use photobucket or picasa? upload your pictures onto the site and attach the images here.

    i recently had to return a bbag as it's considered faulty. moreover, the leather wasn't great. i just got my replacement. the handles are a lil dry but i figured i could easily fix this with leather cream. fortunately i didn't spot many spots, not that i was looking for them. anyway, i'd be kidding myself if i think i can keep the bag spotless for a long time, esp when it's a white one :push:
  7. I am so sorry this happened with your first bag! Definitely return it, and don't stop trying or searching until you find the one that is perfect for you in every way!!!
  8. Well.. i sympatise with ur situation.. Maybe u should try emailing AH and see wat they say.. If they r willing to bear the shipping charges have it exchanged. If not maybe u wanna try to clean it up a bit?
  9. Sorry to hear that your not thrilled with the bag.
    If the imperfections are going to bother you, send it back. It's a lot of $$ to spend on something you are not happy with.
    Good luck!
  10. i would send it bag. you have to be super happy for your new baby, and if you don't feel 100% satisfied let it go, and look the perfect one
  11. Which ivory style is it? They have a very pretty leather ivory RH city at Saks New Orleans...
  12. Sorry, I would send it back asap, these things would bother me.
  13. Aloha Rag is good w/customer service in general, so don't hesitate to call or email them to try to work it out. BTW, wouldn't Aloha Rag = AR? Just sayin' ... lol ;)
  14. Guess AR would make more sense...:smile: I slept on it and looked again this morning and after the excitement has worn off a little it looks a little more like it has been used! I noticed a few more marks on it..I know it will be next impossible to keep it clean forever but I agree, I'm not 100% happy so I will exchange it.

    Thanks for the advice!
  15. Awhhh, sorry to hear.. you should return it.