It all went wrong...

  1. i need to vent and i need some info from you my ladies...i would like to know what chances i have of winning the paypal claim i have just filed.

    I bought a bag from a US seller a day or two after i moved houses. I asked him if it was ok for him to ship to the new address and he agreed. i confirmed the address with him twice via eBay messages plus put the delivery address in the note when paying by paypal. Now the eBay messages expired already and i was so stupid not to save them but i still have proof i asked for shipping there on paypal receipt.

    So i pay 70 dollars global express and the seller ships. i request the tracking number and i check it one day and it says on the website that the item was delivered Dublin which is 300 km away from my town ! im like WTF, get on to the seller and ask to clarify, also contact my post office. Post office knows nothing about the parcel ( i found out later that it was because apparently it went through fedex ), seller says he contacted USPS and the parcel is still in customs even though the tracking says different. I wait a bit, parcel still not there. I keep pushing the seller to contact USPS again, then he gets back to me and says it was delivered in my town they have my signature confirmation ( WTF!) and it was delivered at the reception desk. I kindly ask WHAT reception desk i live in a one family house an offer to fax my passport copy along with the signature to compare ! then its thanksgiving and then i push him to get more info and explain the reception desk thing. he emails me saying that it was delivered to my home address ...and gives me my OLD address, not the one i repeatedly asked him to ship to ! im like WHY? i got on to the property agency i had rented it from and nobody lived in my apartment at the time of delivery !

    one more thing he said to me that the delivery was via fedex but i tracked it through fedex website as well and it doesnt recognise the tracking number he gave me ( only USPS does...)

    i am so :cursing: now...are there any chances i can win this claim? what do you think? thanks in advance....
  2. Oh no, sorry to hear this hun!

    How did you pay for it?
    Hope you did with your CC cos I think you can contact your CC issuer and do a chargeback for non receipt..

    Sorry cant be much help, hopefully if anyone else with similar exp can provide more helps..

    *sending good vibes to you!
  3. oh my goodness, what a lousy seller! yes, contact your cc company for a chargeback, hope you paid by cc!
  4. yes i paid by cc but never done chargeback before...shall i just do it straight away and not wait for paypal??? and thanks for sweet words peppy and aki_sato :heart: i really need them now, the bag was one of my HGs:crybaby:
  5. You should be fine sine you paid with CC, plus you can prove it was never delivered to your correct address, and you never signed for it.
  6. ^^^ thank you hun ! does paypal ask for a hand written signature to compare the with the one they will receive from the seller ? i dont mind sending them copy of my passport page with signature or my cc signature at all!
  7. If l was in your position l would also telephone Paypal and let them know what has happened - they may well be able to help you out first. Then if all fails do a chargeback with your credit card company. I must admit that the seller doesnt sound very helpful.

  8. I would do this as well. You can always do the chargeback with your CC if things don't work with Paypal. But if you go vice versa and start with the chargeback, Paypal is unlikely to be helpful if you go to them for anything. Chargebacks are a hassle for them, and they have their own set of procedures that you agree to follow with the user agreement. I would start there. It's just like with any store -- you go back to the store first for service before you call your credit card company; then you call the CC if you aren't getting anywhere w/the store.
  9. I am so sorry this happened!

    I wouldn't go through PayPal. If the seller can provide a signature of receiving, PayPal will not side you. I believe USPS works with FedEx for internationa shipping. That explains why FedEx is involved. $70 for Global Express?! That is quite expensive. I think your best bet now is file a chargeback via your credit card company. Give them a call, tell them you purchsed an item from eBay, seller sent to a wrong address and you never received it. They will issue a conditional reimbursement and conduct thier investigation.

    Good luck! Please keep us polsted.
  10. That's what I thought too..once the seller can provide that the item has been sent, Paypal will automatically close the dispute (*happened to me)...

    Perhaps you can speak to Paypal first and judge from there before chargeback..Don't forget to get the name of the person you speak to for reference, and from there, if you think your chance of getting your monies back is slim, file a chargeback straight away..

    Good luck!
    I really hope it will work out in the end at your favour..

    *still sending a good vibe your way!
  11. you mind me asking what bag is it? :graucho:
  12. no i dont aki...its a lady dior like this one, pic courtesy of Mayday :love:

  13. thanks ! will try and call them...see what they say after all the seller shipped to the wrong address...keep your fingers crossed gals thank you all for responses !
  14. That is so pretty :love:

    Oh hun, I keep checking this thread to see any updates..I really hope it will get sorted soon..but providing you paid with your CC, you shouldn't have problem filing a chargeback and getting your monies back...though I can understand why you rather be able to retrieve the bag :drool:
  15. Can you ask your old landlord or the new residents there to ship it over to you?