It all started a little over a week ago...

  1. when MIL had an urgent business trip to HK and asked if DH and I wanted to tag along. What?! Noooo...

    I had been exhausted from a recent trip and wanted to do nothing but SLEEP, and I know by going it means the agenda as per MIL will have to be followed. It will be a stressful trip. But DH reminded me that there are BV shops...

    Ok, so I changed my mind and packed :nuts:

    The first day we went around with MIL to the meetings and HER shopping missions. I was only able to quickly snuck into BV and Valextra at Landmark while DH distracted her during a coffee break there. And so it went for the second and third days, even with the yummy food and desserts, I was getting really restless :sweatdrop: Somehow I managed to drop by the H shop at Lee Gardens and saw a lovely brown picotin which reminded me of the half bar of royce chocolate which I managed to finish on my own.

    I had spent a sleepless night deciding between a BV bag, the Valextra Boston bag in beige or the Picotin. In the end, I stuck with my first love, BV.

    On the 4th day, MIL decided to take an earlier flight back home, which left us free to shop until our 9 pm flight! :yahoo:

    We rushed to Harbour City and dropped by BV. At last!!!

    The SAs at Harbour City are so nice -- they had me model the bags in the shortlist and together with DH scored each bag/belt to help me decide what to get. It was a most wonderful hour in BV heaven :drool:. I hate to admit it, but yes, the trip was worth it :lol:
    BV Store.JPG Trying on bags.JPG InsideBV.JPG
  2. And so we tried on things and looked around...
    TheLoot.JPG Campana.JPG EbanoCampana.JPG
  3. Wonderful! Is that a Campana I spy on you there?
  4. Welcome!!! :flowers: BV is well worth a little wait. I recently started to read up on Valextra and I like the Boston bag. :heart: I cannot wait to see your haul! :tup:
  5. I think I'll be looking forward to the next HK trip :idea:
    CamelWeaveBelt.JPG NeroIron.JPG NeroRopeBelt.JPG TheLoot2.JPG
  6. Nice haul! :tup: Glad that your trip was successful!
  7. Ms. Piggy, your eyes are quite sharp. I didn't think anyone would notice since the pict is out of focus..
  8. Mystilleto, msbuttercup, thanks. :smile: I got inspired by rox_rocks' Boston Bag, but maybe next time.
  9. Congrats on your fabulous haul! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:I adore the ebano campana - what a classic first BV. :love: I love your other BV goodies as well, especially the belt. Is the black bag a tiny handheld bag? BV makes an amazing nero. Your outfit is gorgeous and the campana looks terrific with it. :heart:

    Ms. Piggy - you sleuth you! :flowers:

    Shopping in HK for BV seems to be the trend. :yes: We look forward to catabie's haul next year....maybe a little bird? :okay:
  10. Mystilleto, yes, the black bag is a handheld bag. it really looks strange on the shelf like an uninteresting cosmetic case with a handle, but when you wear it it's really nice especially when broken in. from a previous tpf thread on this bag, i learned it's called the iron bag as it resembles a flat iron.

    to me, though, it looks like a mini-sloane.

    my first BV was a medium veneta in limo, which got stained by dark jeans (still need to have it cleaned), and my second an ebano iron bag which i find holds quite a lot and perfect for short errands, going to the movies or a night out :biggrin:
  11. gorgeous!! everything is so yummy!! i wanted to touch the campana from the screen!! aaaah the chocolate color is amazing :biggrin: enjoy ur new goodies!! and welcome to the PF :love:
  12. well done Sum!
    looks like you had a ball at the BV got some very yummy stuff in there :love:

    congrats on your lovely finds!

    we should really do that Hong Kong meet!!! :yahoo:
  13. Now that's what I call a successful shopping trip! I love the campana in ebano, and the nero iron bag looks like the perfect fun bag! All you ladies having shopping sprees in Hong Kong are making me green with envy...I see myself making a journey across the ocean in the near future.
  14. congrats on a great haul sum!

    the iron bag is cute! i was contemplating one in carmino....but didnt get it in the end.....but i am still not quite decided on that yet...

  15. sum many congrats on all the fabulous buys!:yahoo: all the goodies are definitely worth the trip to HK. Personally I would never turn down an offer to go shopping there. :love:
    I love at belt so much and i wonder if that comes in carmino. And the ebano campana is such a classic piece and you look great in it. the belted fitted jacket esp. works well with that campana.
    the iron bag is very cute. where are we going to see more action pics?:graucho: