It all fits! Balenciaga, Chloe and LV

  1. There has been so many questions on what fits in these bags, so here ya go girls I took pics of each of my bags to show you what fits in each.
    I have my:
    magenta first
    apple city
    indigo twiggy
    blanc paddy &
    my LV mono speedy 30
    I have also added my wapity, just so you can see the size and how it works for me. Hope these pics help:biggrin:
    DSC03595.JPG DSC03594.JPG DSC03596.JPG DSC03597.JPG DSC03602.JPG DSC03601.JPG DSC03604.JPG DSC03603.JPG DSC03598.JPG DSC03600.JPG
  2. Okay, awesome post!!!! I love your bags :love: And the wapity is just so darn cute!!! :amuse:

    Is that Mac lipglass? :P
  3. Which MC wallet do you have? I really like that size, but would love to know the specific name of it so I know what to check out.
  4. that's fantastic!
    so helpful, and gives me an excuse to just be nosy too!!
    your indigo twiggy looks like a lovely color - dammit, yet another one for the wishlist! lol
    ps are your sunglasses coach? i love the butterfly on the side :smile:
  5. Great pics! Very helpful post to those who don't own those bags yet.
  6. Girls you are too funny:lol:
    my wallet is the LV MC Porte Tresor (check book size):heart:
    my sunnies are Coach suzies (totally love them):heart:
    and my lip gloss is Mac C-thru (lasts for ever):heart:
  7. Thanks for the wallet info. I need to check it out in person.
  8. ranskimmie,
    You need to submit your photo of what is in your bag on
    You did such a nice job taking the photos
    If you go there you will see my 06 rose hobo/day bag. =]
  9. Kimmie- you are fricking hysterical! I love this thread!
  10. :lol: Had a little extra time on my hands today, can ya tell?:huh: :cool:
  11. I love when you have extra time! You post the best threads and keep this place exciting!! And entertaining!
  12. Any time Jillybean!! Hey anyone else want to post their bags -n- stuff too, feel free:yes: :graucho: I wanna see your goods too!!:biggrin:
  13. Usually my phone is in it too.
    The lipglosses and hair ties go in the front pocket.
  14. Yay!!! Thanks:biggrin: I love your Bbag. Oh yeah, I have the same rug in my bedroom:lol:
  15. Kimmie,
    How many of those darling children of yours can you squeeze into those bags?:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: