It all came full circle. . . (pics included)

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  1. After I bought my Wilshire Blvd in RF recently, I went back to the LV boutique to "browse" again, it occurred to me there are purses I've been eyeing for years but never tried on!

    Well tried on I did and I came home with this!!! :yahoo:

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  2. What is it..?! :P
  3. ooooh :choochoo: open open open!!
  4. Live one!!
  5. bloomsbury? just a wild guess :biggrin:
  6. popcorn anyone?? :popcorn:
  7. Let's see!
  8. and beer too :drinks:
  9. let's see !
  10. hmmm full circle... ellipse?
  11. Let's see!!!:popcorn:
  12. any clues!? :thinking:
  13. :party:
  14. Let's see what you got!!
  15. Show us pls!!!!