It all began with this one little dior purchase...


May 7, 2007
I've always adored handbags. I can remember my senior year of highschool when i went to Millenia (mall in orlando fl with high end boutiques) with a friend and i looked longingly in Dior....

She said "do you wanna do in?"
I stared at her like she was insane.
She walked me in and the store seemed like a maze of rooms. I was scared to look, touching was blasphemy.

During the 2 and some years after my first visit inside a Dior boutique I have become more aware of Dior.. It was during these years that my love for the romantique trotter bags thrived and I managed to ignore their beauty only during the school year.

2 months ago i discovered this forum and happen to click on the Dior outlets thread, and my heart sunk when i found out the medium flap in beige had been selling (n sold out) for a couple of months already. I rushed to the outlet, and snagged the 2nd choice bag and here it is:

Before this bag, I would only look, entering boutiques and touching the items only with confident friends by my side. Since that day i bought my 1st premier designer handbag, i have bought myself 2 gucci bags, 1 lv bag, and sweet monogram lv earrings! Thats a lot in 3 weeks for a college kid.

I don't know whether to thank dior or be mad as they are the ones who began my addiction..:heart:


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Nov 14, 2006
honey52 welcome to the club ! :yahoo:i will be a total enabler ( i cant be any different way you chose the same bag as i did only mine is in beige - arent they the cutest things ever ! :heart: ) and say thank Dior for your fantastic addiction, the best one you can have;)

i love your bag and your matching wallet...dont forget to post here your next dior purchase ! :graucho:


Oct 18, 2006
cute family of brown trotter romantiques there, honey! it's a fantastic way to start off, imo and of course, welcome to the point of no return. ;) it's not so bad really and whenever that broke feeling sets in, just repeat that scene of carrie in SATC in your head where she talks about being a homeless but fabulous bag lady. ;)