It all began with a painting and a glass of wine...

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  1. Setting the table top onto the base was tricky, it was very heavy and tough to level but it worked!

  2. First piece to set was the big slab of Carrera marble.


    We then put backer board for the tiles around the marble.


    I couldn't wait to start placing the tiles!

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    I am amazed at your nonstop creativity. Can't wait to see the finished table. My table sits eight and I think it is big so to seat 12 yours must be huge. At least you have the room for it.

    So I went outside to take the storm doors down. Got one door down by taking the three hinges it was connected too off. Could not in any way get the hinges off by trying to take the pin in it. Was very strange that it would not budge. So I got one door off and wow was it heavy. Then my drill died:nuts::nuts: so have it charging now and will take the other storm door off tomorrow. I wiped down all the trim with Clorox wipes and climbed on my sturdy ladder to do the top of the front door wood trim and see it was never painted before??? I get with a builder skipping corners but to not paint the top trim is crazy. Tomorrow I will prime the whole entrance trim and take the other door down. I did not realize how bad the old caulk was until I sat on the ground trying to get the old stuff out. The previous owners used three different types of caulk. Even the stuff you use in the bathroom. They did some very interesting do it yourself repair work on this house. Let's just say wall spackle has become a good friend every time I remove things like the toilet roll holder, towel holders and closet rails which had about 100 holes on the wall.

    Then the neighbors's dog comes and jumps on me. Scared me because their dogs have barked and growled at us before. I asked him if he wanted a cookie and he kept wagging his tail and let me pet him. Have to say he really was a sweet dog. Before I could get his cookie the neighbors's son came and carried him away.
  4. Goodness Gillianna, I am exhausted from reading about your storm door adventure, what a workout!
    Isn't it odd to see what previous owners of homes did? Oh the stories the walls could tell!

    When we bought our home 20 years ago we lived in it for a year before tearing it down and building new. That first year was a hoot. Some of the things we discovered were halarious, some spooky and many awful! We were thrilled to be able to start our one "story home" and know every detail it's history.

    So glad the neighbor's dog didn't bite you!!
  5. The ugly decor with wallpaper in this house was a joke. Even the professional painter took pictures to add to his horrible wallpaper gallery, we had a great laugh over this and viewing them mine was at the top ten. Picture a multi tan background crackle with gold metallic in it and clusters of grapes in a country kitchens. Dark almost brown with multi colored metallic something in the bathroom-talk about feeling depressed and closed in when you went in that room. Then fake marble in the dining room with the columns wallpapered in it and added gold, green and burgundy top edgings metallic in there too. I think they wanted the house to feel like it was Italian Cuban for their heritage but it was just plain UGLY.
  6. The last phases of the table, finally!

  7. This isn't the greatest photo but we finished!

  8. We wanted to be sure to blend the wood furniture with the new table, the trim helped pull it together I hope.

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    Almost finish with this room now.

  10. Lucky has decided that he doesn't like the new sheep skin rug after all!

  11. It's looking great!! I love the table, so unique.
  12. Looking good, love the new couches
  13. Everything turned out perfect. It looks right out of an expensive decorating magazine only your look has more personality. I can't believe the table is done already. Love it. Now it makes me want to buy some tile to redo this small old Broyhill piece I was going to donate. I thought of repainting it but the top has ugly tan tile. Perhaps I will get the tile out and redo it with pretty tile and paint it a white distressed look. Then it can go in any room of the house.

    Is there anything left for you to do. Would love to see more pictures of the other rooms in your house.:smile:

    Still sick here, trying to decide if going outside in 80 plus degree weather will make the allergies worse. I feel so miserable but want to do something productive in the house.
  14. This is so cool!

    Funny how your house matches your dog's colors. I do that too. When I had my golden retriever, I was all about honey tones. Now I am into blue-grays and white.
  15. Thank you Bags and Bijoux! I know the table isn't for evyone's taste but thought it might be fun to share the process :smile: