It all began with a painting and a glass of wine...

  1. I love the globe colors. They are perfect for the feeling that I am trying to achieve in these rooms.
  2. Here are the fabric swatches for the bedding...

  3. Sorry for the delay in posting the picture of the completed bedding. It is hot, hot, hot in our area and we had a fire scare yesterday afternoon just as I had finally had a moment to update! All is well, the fire is out but it is still HOT outside. The ashes that were flying in the wind were our main concern, it only takes a spark to start a fire in hot dry weather. During the moments of momentary panic we had to ask each other "what would we pack up if we need to evacuate?". It's memories that bind a family together. The items that came to mind were not necessarily the most expensive items in our home but rather the belongings that "matter" the most to me. The first thing that came to mind were the photo albums, then our kids' art work from when they were growing up. I cherish their elementary school creations dearly. To me they are priceless! Last night we realized how important the little things are in life. Today I took a big batch of homemade cookies to our fire department to thank them for their quick response and hard work. Are all firemen gorgeous? Yikes, these guys are so adorable...even mentioned it to my DH who reminded me that his own dad was a fireman...and he was pretty cute in his day!

    Sorry for the side bar, it was just a crazy day yesterday!

    Ta Da...the new bedding...

    ... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1399001913.015019.jpg
  4. I love this thread and what you have done with your home. Thank you for sharing and I'm glad you are safe from the fires!
  5. Thank you ForeverInPink! Yes, we are all safe and sound thank goodness. Yikes what a scare!
  6. Here are a few pics of the new balcony decorative changes.
    Still in the globes color theme to go with the connecting bedrooms.
    I can't wait for DS2 to come home for the summer. I sent him a few pics and he wanted to know where the keg was going. I think that means he is planning on hanging out on his balcony.
    News for him, no keg!

    The sea shell collection is from Fiji. The boys found and collected them on a family vacation about 12 years ago. We have had them in a box and never put them out to admire. This seems to be the perfect new home for them.

    The sea blue tin trays are from Ikea, love these!!


  7. This old black outdoor chairs have been on the balcony for years. I decided to keep them because they are so comfortable. They rock, or kind of bounce...they are odd and funky so I adore them.
    I found these map pillows also at Ikea. They fit perfectly with the balcony theme of keeping family travel memories and fun times on our kids' minds. They have a nice linen look to them and were super inexpensive!

  8. We want the balcony to be a fun hang out spot for our kids but we also want it to be a place filled with great family memories. We thought is would be fun to remind them of past family vacations.
    The globe theme taken a step further!

    Going with the "time spent together" idea, clocks felt like they needed to be on the balcony. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1399311640.473654.jpg
  9. We selected a dozen of our family favorite vacation spots and had the name of the country, state or city engraved on a black custom plaque...
  10. I let my DH work his magic with the measurements for placing the clocks and plaques... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1399311987.329275.jpg
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1399312023.739123.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1399312067.892304.jpg
  11. The "wall of clocks" has turned and it be a wonderful conversation starter! Our neighbors have been so curious about the clocks, now love looking up to view the many time zones.

    It took some time to set the clocks, but a fun activity for's cheers time always now!

    The only down side is that the kids want to plan a big family vacation back to one of these places.
    DH and I would love to sneak away for a vacation alone one of these days!

  12. Our summer months are sometimes chilly, we call it the June gloom. I found some great throws for the balcony. The plaid ones are from Ikea. I like the traditional look but had to add some whimsy...the ocean blue ones are dreamy! They are made by Laura Ashley and are so incredibly soft! They may be a bit on the feminine side but I plan on using this balcony as well! I found them at Burlington Coat factory, they were only about $15.00 each.
    The old basket was from my Great Aunt Emma's home. It was her laundry basket, she never owned a washer or dryer. This was the basket she used for year's and years. I love using it for this purpose now! Repurposing items to hold onto memories is so important to me.

  13. On to my next project, summer spaces!
    We have been wanting to spruce up our master bedroom balcony but a family of morning doves decided to "move in". Their nest in our chandelier has made using the balcony almost I possible! As soon as I walk out onto the balcony I have been reminded to stay away with low fly by warnings. I love birds but honestly the mess, noise and general occupation of the entire space was a bit much!
    The baby birds finally flew off and we took back our balcony, just in time to enjoy summer...
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1404847789.018414.jpg

    Here is the balcony area, one of our favorite spots to watch the sun set, chat and relax!
  15. Your decorating is magical. Your ideas and designs in action are better than any decorating show on HGTV. It is always a pleasure to view your new discoveries and how you put it all together.
    My sister had doves on her lower patio ceiling fan for years but they let you sit on the patio with no problem. It was always fun to see them come back each year.