It all began with a painting and a glass of wine...

  1. All is OK. Insurance is covering everything and no, I wasn't here when it happened, hence all the damage.

    It's more the emotional toll than anything. I have slowly been replacing old furniture with new pieces that I love over several years and to see it all destroyed because of faulty plumbing is depressing. Still, it could have been worse. As a good firend said to me 'better a burst water pipe than a sewerage one.'
  2. I am glad to hear that your insurance is covering the damage but I agree with you, these are your special belongings that you took time and care to find and purchase. I hope that your replacement pieces become treasured pieces soon! Your friend was right. Good luck with all of this, keep us posted and post a pic of your new furniture when you get it!
  3. Repurposing my Jo Malone...
    The fall eucalyptus smells wonderful combined with the baby red roses!

  4. My dad stopped by yesterday with a box of treasures from his home. This crystal bowl belonged to my grandma, I knew exactly what to do with it when he gave it to me!
    My DH took me to the flower mart in LA today to celebrate my birthday week.
    The orchids were particularly gorgeous.
    I called my dad just now to let him know that I already put the crystal bowl to good use and he commented "you mean the punch bowl?"
    Yep, white orchids in my grandma's punch bowl...Cheers!
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  6. Well I "think" I have officially survived the holiday season! My DH and I have decided to finish our master bedroom over the next month. We started working on it in the fall but the holiday hustle and bustle took over. Being at that half way point is making us motivated to finish up and move on to the next area.

    We have gone with a very light and fresh feeling for our master bedroom. After years of having all dark wood the all white look feels amazing so far! There have been some give and takes for both of us but I think it's going to make us both happy when it's all said and done.

    I will post some in progress pics soon!
  7. Happy New Year to you, LuckyDogMom.

    Your stairs look beautiful and you are so inspiring to me. This thread is so special :heart:
  8. Hi CB! Happy New year to you as well!
    I was actually thinking about you just yesterday, I now have a special bee living in my home!
  9. My sweet dad continues to bring little boxes of treasures over to share with me. Yesterday he brought over an odd assortment of my mom's tiny keepsakes that she had hidden away. This silver bee pin is my favorite! My dad gave it to her for Valentin's Day about 30 years ago. He bought it in Scotland.
    His precious card was still in the box.
    Simply..."Bee Mine".


    I want to think of a creative way to display it, any ideas??
  10. A special bee indeed!!!! :smile:
    How lovely! I love bumblebees!

    How about making a glassless frame with dried flowers and gorgeous fabric?
  11. I have been down with pneumonia for the past few weeks. I can't wait to be up and about soon to finish this bedroom and move on to the next room! The hardest part about being sick was being in bed in this very unfinished bedroom:smile:
  12. ^ I am sorry to hear you have been sick, I hope you get better soon, I saw the thread up and thought you have more updates for us :p
    Hopefully you will be up and about soon :smile::hugs::flowers:
  13. Oh thank you Samia! I am still a bit fuzzy brained and exhausted but plan on getting back to the projects soon! XO
  14. luckydogmom THANK YOU for sharing this adventure. Having read your posts on another thread I know how much you love to entertain family and friends and I can only imagine how much they treasure being in this warm and nurturing environment. Walking through your front door must feel like being enveloped in a big hug. No surprise that sunflowers are your favorite, they mirror your personality.
  15. Thank you CSS, you are too kind! I hope you will one day come for a visit!
    As you know from another thread I have been a tad busy with "life" of the late!
    I am now back in the swing of things and have been working on a few projects at the same time.
    Having pneumonia at the start of the year really set my energy level back but I do feel almost normal now...not that I am at all normal:smile:. that wouldn't be any fun at all!

    We have had a very mild winter here so working outside had been such a pleasure. I have put the finishing touches on our master bedroom on the back burner while I puttered around the garden areas. I think being cooped up for so long has made me want to just be outside soaking up some natural warmth!
    We worked on a fun edible project with past weekend. I will post the pics today.