Isunami Anyone? The spiked Rodarte shoes may be back

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  1. i just got an email from Reghan Russell at CL saying...

    "The boutiques have been asked if there would be any interest in another order of the Isunami. I am sure most of you know what this is (the nude closed toe with spikes and studs).

    What do you think? Before they are ordered there would have to be Customer Agreement forms filled out and I know I could ask you gals to ask your own individual friends on the forum to see what everyone thinks. Please let me know what you think. It will really help me out!"

    This style is not for me, but if you are interested you should contact your favorite Louboutin store or or Reghan at CL Costa Mesa 714.754.9200
  2. Jet - you beat me to posting this info!!!
  3. :P

    Do you have a pic?
  4. I was just saying that I couldn't justify $2K for shoes.

    For these, maybe I could :P. LOL.

    They are so fab.
  5. I was going to post it too, but I wasn't sure if it was allowed LOL!

    I was looking for pics too. Sounds like a Mad Mary?
  6. I would love a pair but the price tag is scary. Paired with black tights, they are smoking hot!
  7. Yeah, the price tag is scarier than the spikes on the shoe.
  8. I agree, the price tag is terrifying. I wouldn't be buying any more shoes (and certainly not any more CLs) for a long time! But I'm considering letting them know that I'm interested, because really, good lord. It's like my dream shoe. I'm willing to give up shoes for a year for that.

    I'm going to sleep on it. If I still have spikes dancing in my head, I may express interest.

    It probably won't happen anyway. How many people want $$$ scary spiky shoes? :biggrin:
  9. I do, just not at that price. Simply cannot do it.
  10. Ooooh, I think I'd buy them (justify the price tag somehow) and then they'd be my wedding shoe! There is not a wedding in sight, but its not like they rot - the Isunamis would be the coolest wedding shoe ever. Just slightly, every once in a while peeking out from underneath a classic white dress. They're like a nun who shaves!
  11. i love looking at them but don't think i have the finesse or attitude to wear such a shoe. knowing me i would probably impale my other foot while wearing it.

    here is a pic... they are beyond beautiful!


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  12. The original price quote was $3400-ish, right? (Do we know what the price is supposed to be this time around?)

    God. That's a European vacation. Or five and a half pairs of Simples :rolleyes:.

    This will require deep thought. I'm not sure if I'm that insane.

    Hopefully a pair of Mads will pop up in my size in the meantime and I can console myself with those -- the poor woman's Rodarte ;).

    ETA -- aaaaaah I can't look at them with the black tights, it weakens my resolve!! And LOL, bitstuff!
  13. They are insane! I absolutely love them. Can we confirm the retail price? Also, can you detach the ankle strap?
  14. I thought retail was like $2800. In any case, I can't swallow it.