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    You need to be careful finding a hotel near the tourists area. Saw some really dumpy places most would not want to stay in. This is a very old area & doubtful there would be an elevator in most.

    Check out the one Lily posted. The Galata & Beyaglou areas are nicer & not far from old Istanbul. Would think you could walk from there to the Grand Bazaar. There's a sultans palace within walking distance from there. Should be on the list if you are there more than a few days.

    You want to see a 5 star to compare? Its next door to one of the 4 seasons. (Find Ciragen Palace) Can't link it now.
  2. I didn't know there was a W there. W is my favorite hotel chain so I could go for that one if I don't find any other hotel.
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    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010 the owner is a darling, a very modern guy, and totally gorgeous, he is the Turkish Keith Ledger with long hair.:nuts:

    I stay at the red room with the kitschy but adorable satin red heart pillows.
  4. I've not been to Istanbul, but want to go in the spring. Look at Trip Advisor and you can filter by number of stars and popularity, w/ reviews by those that have stayed. If the Trip Advisor people liked it, usually it will turn out fine. Many of the members are super picky.
  5. That's the problem with Trip advisor. People either give the hotel 5 stars or 1 star. People don't know how to rate hotels.
  6. I went to Istanbul last year for my 21st birthday and did stay at the Four Seasons! it was AMAZING! Can I ask why you don't want to stay there?

    I arrived at midnight and told them it was my b/day and when I got in the room there was a delicious praline cake waiting for me saying Happy Birthday!
  7. ^^ cant afford it
  8. I was in Istanbul early Sep 2010. My friend and I stayed at Star City Hotel, it's just opposite the train station, less than 5 mins walk from the tram station. Walking to Grand Bazaar is about 20mins or more depending on the speed. Star City Hotel is not luxury, but nicely decorated, breakfast included, clean bath room. Heard they are newly open this year. I would stay that again. Good value.
  9. any other close to luxury hotels??
  10. You should call or write the Four Seasons. The year we went to Istanbul, I contacted them and asked what their best rate was and they gave me a MUCH better rate than quoted on their website. It's worth a shot, esp if you're going in the off season.

    The only reason I'm encouraging you as it's rated every year as one of the top 10 hotels in the world and the price is reasonable compared to some of the rest.

    I just checked Trip Advisor rating and Four Seasons is #24, that's almost laughable, even w/ its rate, it deserves to be much higher.
  11. The 4 seasons is gorgeous! Loved the Aqua restaurant right on the Bosphorus.

    I booked our hotel 1 month before we left. The price dropped 40% of what it was in January.

    Trip Advisor can be so off sometimes, the restaurant for Vegas that is rated number 1 is so not. They give people a free piece of cheesecake with a business card asking them to go to Trip Advisor & give them a good review.
  12. ^ Trip Advisor is not always accurate, I know a bunch of hotel managers logging in to throw crap at other hotels with imaginary bad reviews.
  13. again I cannot afford nor will I pay 470 eur or 470 dollars a night for a hotel room---so please read my first post and if anyone can help I do appreciate it.
  14. How about Lily's hotel?

    I didn't pay 470 Euros per night & I was at the Ciragen Palace with a full on view of the Bosphorus.

    Think you're pricing too early. JMO. April is not tourist season, prices will come down.