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  1. I'm going to Turkey in November for a few days and checked out on about the Istanbul store - there are two .. The city is partially in Europe and partially in Asia .. on the LV site they list :

    Louis Vuitton European Store
    Louis Vuitton Asian Store

    at different locations in the city.

    Anyone know if they carry different stock relating to Asia / Europe? Anyone been? Lol I wasn't planning to visit LV here since I'll have a lot of opportunities elsewhere on my trip, but if the Asian store has some items I may not see in Canada or Europe it may be with a visit :smile:

  2. i dont know if theyll have anything different but if one is classed as europe and one is classes as asia will they have different prices?
  3. I'd go to the "Asian" boutique, as LV really goes out of their way to target asian buyers, (example, panda and sophie lines, etc...) and perhaps you will see some things that you would otherwise not be able to view (or buy!)....
  4. That's what I'm thinking Travelbliss :smile: Must be cool to live in Istanbul if you like LV .. have the choice of both! It will be interesting to hear from someone who has shopped LV there.
  5. Wishing you a great trip! Thus far, Istanbul is my favorite city to visit abroad. When I was in Istanbul, I had no idea that were two LV boutiques in the city. You'll definitely want to cross the Bosphorus bridge and see the Asia Minor side of the city. Crossing the bridge is quite a scenic experience.
  6. Hi guys!

    So my mom is going to Turkey next week and she said she might just bring me back some goodies!

    I was wondering if anyone could recommended a good SA or store there.. She's going to be in Istanbul and Samsun (but I don't think there is a store there).

    Also, I had a question about customs? Would they give her a hard time if she had 2 LV bags in her carry on? (with receipts and everything).

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  7. i think kayti is in turkey. you might PM her and see if she has any feedback.
  8. what are the prices like in TURKEY? i want to get a carryall bag
  9. Sorry, this is late, but I am in Istanbul and the prices are cheaper here than the US or Asia. I like the Istinye Park and Nisantasi stores. Both have nice SAs, although the Istinye Park one is often busier on weekends with lots of tourists, so sometimes it is harder to get attention. If you have a choice, go to Nisantasi.

    Also, I have brought more than two LV items as gifts (plus my own for personal use) into the US from Turkey with no problems. Feel free to PM me if you want any other advice.
  10. What are the prices in Turkey comparable to other Europe countries?
  11. Hi,

    I've just stumbled upon this thread and I will be in Turkey in a month or so. Are LVs really cheaper than the ones in US stores?? I would expect the opposite!? Anyone with info please?
  12. Hi there !yes it is true that LVs r cheaper in Turkey , very few countries like France and Italy ( even i am not so sure about it ) r cheaper than Turkey when it is about LV and many other designers . There are three LV stores in Istanbul but i highly suggest the one in istinye park ( a very big shopping mall where u can find boutiques of all designers ) generally the LV boutique in Istinye Park has everything in stock , also there are reputable stores like Beymen and Harvey Nichols that carry lots of designer bags, shoes and clothes . I hope it helps, have fun! :smile:
  13. OMG, really?? I can't wait :woot:
    Literally I can't wait. If that's not very much trouble to you can you please tell me prices for monogram vernis alma and damier azur galliera pm? It does not have to be exact, just a ball park. Thanks so much!! :kiss:
  14. I wish i could help but recently i am into Chanel and Dior so have no idea about the recent prices of LV bags also i am in Greece now , if i were in Turkey i could call and ask them about the exact prices , there r many Turks on this site maybe some of them may notice this thread and help u :p
  15. OK, thanks so much!! :kiss: