Ist BV bag, what to suggest?

  1. Hi, I'm new here.

    I want to buy a BV bag since I found it looks so gorgeous in those ladies walking in the street with it. But I have no idea in which one to buy and what color to buy and what size to buy? Many thanks!!!!

    ppsam :confused1:
  2. Welcome! When you see others with BV bags, which styles and colors appeal to you? The Veneta (hobo) is the bag BV is most famous for. There are other classic bags--you can see them on, click on "Icons". The Ball Bag, Campana and Veneta, also the Sloane would all be beautiful classic bags that will never go out of style.

    Color is up to you--the standard colors are Nero (black), Ebano (dark brown), Noce (hazelnut brown); a new color called Limo (a gray/beige neutral) is very popular. some styles come in colors that BV has for a season or 2--usually brighter or pastel colors.

    As for size--how tall are you? the Veneta and Campana come in 2 sizes. I think the Ball Bag and sloane come in one size. Look t the website at all the bags and come back here with more questions. You will love the softness of the leather and quality of the craftsmanship in these bags!!
  3. With Boxermom's great info. above, I would only add that it really does help to try on in person if you are in a location with access to a BV boutique or a store like Neiman's which carries the line . . . height, coloring, wardrobe, broad vs. narrow shoulders, etc. will all contribute to how you feel about the bags, but it is really hard to go wrong with any of the styles, they are so gorgeous! :yahoo: Have fun selecting one that suits you best . . . and if you are like many of the other posters (me included!) your first BV will NOT be your last! :nuts:
  4. Thank you so much! You are so nice. I will take a look from the website first.

    haha.... want to one of you very soon.
  5. ppsam, first of all, welcome to the BV lovers' club. :flowers: In addition to trying out in person (you're spoilt for choice, so many BV boutiques in HK), do check out the other threads here to get some feedback from other Bottega fans. Feel free to post any questions once you have narrowed down your choices. To echo macbagger, once you start, you just can't stop. ;)
  6. Thanks! ms piggy! But any suggestion for my first BV???


  7. I agree that you should try to get to a store that sells BV to try on the bags. I was going to order the large Veneta sight unseen. I finally was able to stop by Neiman Marcus (not easy since the closest store is 2.5 hours away (by car)) to try on bags. I am 5'2" and 95 lbs. I tried on the large Veneta, which was pretty comical. My son couldn't stop laughing at how big it looked on me.
  8. jll9- LOL - I can see you being small enough to FIT into the large Veneta!

    I have pretty classic tastes when it comes to bags, and I think the Veneta (woven hobo) is the best intro into BV. I just ordered the medium size myself - same reason as jll9... the large is lovely on taller ladies, but not that flattering on me (I'm 5'2" as well)
  9. Hey ppsam! Hop into a BV store (they have one at Harbor in Hong Kong) and try stuff on! It is SOOOO much fun playing with the bags, and who knows what you'll fall in love with. The veneta is of course the standard.
  10. Hi, it can get pretty overwhelming with all the choices that you have. I myself was confused as I liked two colors but could only afford one. Go with your first instinct..and like everyone will tell you here, once you have one, more likely you will get more in the future! As far as the size is concerned I think it is more of a personal preference. I am also a petite girl but I ended up falling in love with how the LARGE veneta looked on was calling my name...pick me! pick me!!!! :jammin:
  11. Didn't notice til I read the above post that you are in HK; a couple of weeks ago I worked with Carmen, SA at the BV store at Pacific Place, she was a sweetheart, pulled out multiple styles in multiple colors for me to try on, wrote down ALL the style #s and prices for me, she was so nice I bought my Campana there from her even thought it was a tad more expensive than waiting to buy it in NYC. So I would suggest like the other posters to find a supernice SA at a BV store and see what looks good on you! :yes:
  12. Welcome ppsam. Sure you will be addicted to BV bags once you bought your first one.

    I will go for the medium veneta bag in classic colours. You can't go wrong with this. However, when you try on the BV bags, see if you can put some of your stuff into the bags and try them on. This is because they will look so different. e.g. the veneta looks so flat without anything in it and this will give you a different view.

    I know shopping in BV stores give you a special experience. However, if you want to buy BV at lower prices, head to the shop called Twixt which sell authentic bags and shoes at lower prices than flagship stores. And if you or your friend has the Twixt VIP card, you will get further discount. They have a shop in Causeway Bay and Central. Good luck.
  13. Is the small Campana a permanent piece? Like if I had to wait a few months to buy one it would still be widely available?
  14. Welcome, ppsam! I think you'll like it here, and learn a lot from these ladies-I sure have!

    Jane- the Campana is an icon piece. The wovens are available for sure.
  15. My apologies for the late response, ppsam. I would suggest the classic Veneta, in classic Ebano. But I would urge you to pop by the stores to try out all the styles and colours. Have fun. Do let us know your decisions, good luck! :smile: