Issy wedges - so in love!

  1. Ok so I have been completely in love with the Issy wedges for awhile now but they were always too expensive for me to justify since I have massive student debt from law school. But now im hearing rumblings that they are starting to go on sale at places like macys! So i called my 3 "local" macy's and they are all saying they dont sell coach wedges, just flats and boots. Does anyone know where I can find these for a great price? Will Nordstrom price match if they are on sale at Macys? Do you guys know how much they are going for? Im so in love:love:. But there is something in me that won't let me go down to the coach boutique and pay full price (or even do PCE) when I know there are better deals out there! :girlsigh: TIA!
  2. I don't know where you are located, but they did have these on sale at the Macy's in South Portland Maine on Friday. I've wanted them for along time too and hope they are still on sale after Christmas! If you called them I wonder if they'd ship to you...worth a try!
  3. I was at Macys the other day looking for a particular item.. they didn't have it but they looked it up on the computer & printed out a list of stores that did have it.. it contained the # in stock as well as the stores telephone #... they told me that if I called them, they'd ship it to me... of course YMMV.
  4. Why not try looking on eBay? I buy a lot of coach shoes off eBay and I'd be happy to authenticate them for you. There are some great BIN prices and some auctions that don't go for very high...certain styles on ebay are more popular than others. Also, all of the shoes I've bought off there have been at about 50% or more.
  5. yes i think it is time to look on ebay... i was in macy's today and they had one pair (it was the wrong color- the khaki instead of the black) but the suede on the side was all scuffed up and awful because it was the one that they had out on the floor. so sad. i wonder when these will finally go on sale at the boutique? i feel like they have been out forever
  6. Double check the Coach web site If I'm not mistaken, the Issy wedges aren't listed there anymore. This usually indicates that they've now gone on sale at the Coach store.
  7. ohh expy you are soo smart! they DID go on sale! i just called and they are 129. plus my PCE discount they are just under $100 yay!!! Thanks for the excellent tip!
  8. ps i called and ordered them! they are on sale now (129) and so are the bliss flats (119). I had such a hard time tracking them down and they werent showing up on store's systems in my size, which apparently means they had very few or none. I finally found them though and they are on their way to me! had to pay $10 shipping but I got to use my pce over the phone so it was all good! im just a little bummed that the store by me was out of my size, i would hate to get these shoes in the mail and have the suede on the side be scuffed or something. but all in all- im so excited~!!!! does anyone have these???
  9. Yay.... so glad that you were able to locate the Issy wedges, especially at the sale price. I ordered a pair of the Bliss flats last week. They arrived yesterday but unfortunately, they're running 1/2 size too big for me. I had to re-order them again in a smalller size. The good news is that they've been marked down even further now; $37 less that what I'd originally paid for last week.
  10. Definitely check out your new shoes when they arrive for any marks, scratches, scuffs, or signs of use. I ordered a pair of the Babs metallic flats and the shoes were used... the bottom of each shoe was all scratched up/scuffed and you could see little indention marks on the heels! Looks like the shoes were returned to my local Coach store but the SA that accepted the return didn't bother to check out the shoes to make sure that they hadn't been worn :sad: I've got another pair of the Bliss flats on order and this time they're being shipped out from JAX in order to ensure that I get a completely brand new pair this time around.
  11. The same thing happened to me when I got the Katelyn sneakers a little while ago! The heel was all broken in, there was a scuff on the suede (which looked like someone stepped on their foot!) and the bottom was totally worn. Thats why I wasnt psyched to have to pay $10 for shipping just b/c the shoes were on sale- sometimes I wonder if SAs try to pass off the icky pairs that no one else wants on people who make phone orders bc they know they wont sell the shoes any other way. If the shoes are messed up this time im going to call and get that shipping fee back! I hope that your new ones are perfect!

  12. Thanks. Yes, I ordered the Babs flats via phone order. Out of the 4 pair of shoes that I ordered, they were all 1/2 size too big and the Babs were used. I was also charged a $10 shipping fee since these were all sale shoes. I'm returning all 4 pair of shoes tomorrow to the main Coach store in SF. Rest assured that when I pick up my replacement shoes, I'm going to inspect them thoroughly for signs of wear or scuffing/scratches, etc. I also called the Coach store that shipped me the used Babs flats to let them know about the condition of the shoes.

    The SA that I spoke with was apologetic and waived the shipping on my new order for the Babs flats. Also, my local Nordstrom's matched the Coach sale price ($36.75) of the Katelyn sneakers.... my mother and I picked up 4 pair of the sneakers at Nordstrom's since our local Coach stores had sold out of them. Nordstrom's had to call my local Coach store to verify the sale price plus it also helped that I had with me the Coach receipt for the Katelyn sneakers that I'd picked up from my local Coach store that evening.
  13. Also, just found out that starting next Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 18th - 19th, Macy's is offering an extra 40% off of clearance shoes. This includes any clearance priced Coach shoes :smile: Between the sales at Coach, Macy's and Nordstrom's, this is certainly the time to stock up on any Coach shoes.
  14. ooooohhhhh!!! thats soo exciting! i am somewhat new to coach shoes but in a span of about 3 months ive already gotten 3 pairs. i really want the bliss flats too but im trying to be good and hold out to see if they go down any further. im trying to think of what other shoes were on the coach website that just came down the other day w/ the issy and bliss. i havent been by my local store recently. do you recall any more names? i know josie flats, katelyn sneaks, ladie flats, legacy flats have all been on sale but i cant think of what else may have just been marked down.
  15. and congrats on the katelyns! i couldnt believe it when i walked past them in nordies the other day and they were still full price. the newer version of them(brown & black w/ a sparkle sheen to them) are nice, but i like the originals the best. i havent worn mine yet since I got them in white- waiting for spring! but its killing me!