Issues with the Soho metallic Hobo?

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  1. Hi!

    I know the answer is probably going to be an obvious 'yes', but I thought I'd ask anyway, since no one has mentioned it...

    I'm looking at getting a Soho metallic gold hobo (12665), but was wondering how the leather was wearing, for those who have it! Is the gold finish lasting? Or is it rubbing off and wearing like crazy? Is the leather like that of the steel sabrina..? *Crosses fingers and hopes* I know... not likely. But I really want to know, and I have no way of seeing this bag in person!

    How does this bag sit as compared to the leather zoe?
  2. Oh, I want to know the answer to this as well! Anyone?
  3. i saw it at the outlets, it looked very textured, not sure if that was pebbled- but textured for sure. they were trying to clearance them at really cheap...
  4. I've been peering and squinting at photos of this bag online trying to see as much into the leather as I can! Because it looks as textured as you say, I'm wondering and hoping that this bag won't flake like other metallics... but does anyone own this bag and know for sure? Has anyone seen any that HAVE been flaking, even at the outlets?