Issues with the Eva clutch

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  1. #1 Apr 28, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016
    I've just caved and bought a pre loved March '16 purchased Eva. She'll be getting picked up this weekend by me personally so the seller and I will go through her condition together (she looks brand new, seller's pic attached). I chose this before the Favorite because of the zip and strap length (I'm 172 cms and most LV straps fall at that awkward position over the hip for me!) but needless to say the Favorite will hopefully be added to the collection sometime this year too. :graucho:

    Edit: For those that own or sold their Evas, what are your issues with it? Any peeling, cracking, rubbing on clothing issues that I should watch out for? Any storage advice?

    TIA! :flowers:

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  2. My mono Eva is 8.5 years old (I'm the original owner) and is in excellent condition. No issues!
  3. I don't have an Eva, but actually I'm going to the boutique to buy one today! I have been through the Eva clubhouse many times, though, and I haven't seen any issues with this bag. That's part of my interest in it actually. It seems pretty carefree. I think the only thing is that the plate is scratched pretty easily.
  4. I have an Eva in Damier Ebene and use her all the time and I haven't had any problems! I bought her pre-loved and she is in perfect condition. From 2010 I think!
  5. I love mine- expect the plate to get some minor scratches but I have had mine a year and have had no problems- so carefree versatile and chic- love it- also have not noticed any rubbing off creating dark marks on the ebene canvas like some have reported on the speedy or neverful- mine is made in France and I just love it!

  6. Thanks for the feedback! Very happy with what I'm hearing so far :biggrin:
  7. I could see that happening! :amazed: Did you do something about it? Any way to prevent it?
  8. Well at first I tried a screen saver but it fell off and just didn't look right- unless it's a huge gauge you can't notice unless you look up close- I wouldn't be surprised if it already has tiny scratches- but just enjoy the bag and one day if it's too scratched up just get the plate replaced. Oh- and I also noticed it does a good job of keeping other women off my man ( haha just had to add that)
  9. I wonder if u use clear contact paper on the plate if it would work? U just have to cut it to fit around the raised area which will exposed. I used it on my Fav plate and it worked well.
  10. I just put the gold chain on the back of the purse instead of the front near the gold plate. I've heard screen protectors work though!
  11. ROFL!! :roflmfao: Ok thanks... Although unfortunately I am one of those paranoid people that watch for scratches and dents and marks and obsess over stuff like that. Heck, if I don't like the table while I'm out and about with my LV (or anything else that I love) I'll just place the bag in my lap as if it were a baby! Yeah, I am one of *those* people... :panic:
  12. That's the second thing I'll buy after she's picked up! Will report on how it goes, thanks for the suggestion :biggrin:
  13. *Note to self* - chain is ALWAYS going in the back, thanks! :biggrin:
  14. :biggrin: You're very welcome!
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