Issues with Tamara Mellon Liaisons/Customer Service?


Dec 6, 2008
All I see is red soles...
Ok, I have a somewhat weird situation and I honestly had no idea where else to post this and was curious about others' experience or if this had happened to them.

I purchased a pair of TM's (Posh 100mm in black eel!) when they had what seemed to be a big sale maybe a month or so ago. This was my first pair so I was very nervous about fit because I'm normally a CL gal but went for the only one that seemed close to my size and it turned out to fit perfectly. Super happy - all is well! I've only been able to wear them around the house but that's ok.

Then, a few weeks ago I received a strange email that looked like it came from one of the TM SAs/Liaisons with the subject: "Tamara Mellon | We Want to Send You Shoes."

Here is the message I received:

Hi there,
My name is xxxxx, and I’m a Tamara Mellon Liaison. My job is to connect you with all things Tamara Mellon. If you’re reading this now, you’re likely at home. Since you can’t go shoe shopping right now, we decided to come to you.
Here’s what we mean: We want to send you any three pairs of our shoes to try. You can pick, or we’ll choose for you. No payment or credit card information of any kind required. When you get the shoes, you have 15 days to decide whether to keep or send them back. We’ll arrange for pickup via FedEx of what you don’t want, and we’ll contact you for your card information if you do want to keep anything.
That’s it. No caveats, no strings attached. All you have to do is reply to this email with your preferred shipping address and what pairs you want to try (or if you want me to pick for you, which I would love to do). Again, once you receive the shoes, you can decide which (if any) to keep, and which to return to us. Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope to hear from you. Have a lovely day.

It was pretty plain, just like a normal email so it seemed a bit odd. I had a few other pairs I was curious about but was still concerned about sizing issues. A few days later I contacted customer service from the website directly to verify that the message was legitimate and it was. Shortly after that, I responded to the original email indicating that I had some questions on a few pairs that I would be interested in trying. I hadn't received a response in nearly a week so I sent a follow up copying the main CS/Concierge email on the website. I finally received a response saying the offer had ended (there was nothing indicating this was time sensitive) but I could call them to place an order and they would extend a small discount. I simply responded that that was disappointing but I still had questions on the pairs I was interested in and have yet to receive a response (it's been nearly a week). I'm not impressed so far.

This experience was just very bizarre to me. Everything about it seems weird but maybe this is their thing. If I were an established, regular customer that's one thing but this was totally out of the blue and I had bought 1 pair on major sale. Not only did the original email look really scammy but the lack of responsiveness, completely ignoring some of the questions I had, and what feels like dangling a carrot has just really rubbed me the wrong way.

Sorry for the long post but my real questions are: Has anyone had a similar experience? Did anyone else receive a message like this? If so, what happened?