issues with my new cartier watch

  1. I'm really annoyed now with the SA who handled this for me. I picked out my long awaited cartier tank a few days ago and I paid for it yesterday at the Saks EGC event. I had it shipped to avoid tax and I got it today. I noticed in the papers that the authenticity certificate is already filled out with someone else's name and was dated for Nov 2006. This is after the SA made a big deal how he got me a "new" one from stock. The tag also had the old price and I noticed this when he rung me up but he charged me the new price. Can he do that? I made another purchase in another dept and my SA there was surprised when I told her that the Cartier SA charged me for the shipping as it should be waived with my purchase. His tone the whole time he worked with me was also kind of condescending considering he got an easy comission off of me. If I have any issues with my watch can I still use the cetificate with the other person's name? How would I get another one? I just don't want to deal w/this SA anymore.
  2. A manager should get a phone call. You paid to not have issues.
  3. This is wrong and you should get this taken care of with a Manager....

    The certificate should not hve been filled out, this must be a return the SA sold you...this is unacceptable!!!!!

    Im so mad for you!!!!!!
  4. :tdown:

    This makes my BP increase when I read about this. That SA is clearly inattentive, if not dishonest, and not worthy for the job. I'd have this addressed by the manager or someone higher up ASAP. For one thing, Saks should not be in the business of dealing pre-owned watches, whether intentional or not. I can understand from the perspective of them selling clothes that someone has returned (still NWT), but watches do not work that way -- especially one that has had its papers filled out already.

    For plenty of reasons, a watch that has had its paperwork filled out and registered can be troublesome. For instance, what if the ex-owner had, for whatever reason, declared the watch "stolen" to Cartier. The next time you go to your Cartier AD to have the watch serviced, it will be confiscated and "returned" to the rightful owner in their records (likely the person who originally had the paperwork filled out in his/her name). You may also run into issues getting the warranty fulfilled if the watch was not originally in your name, though usually these are transferable.

    Net-net, a watch that has had its papers filled out already is oftentimes stigmatized, even if it is in NIB condition. It'll sell at a discount to one that has open papers if you were to try to re-sell it at some point in the future. For that reason alone, I would demand a new watch with "open" papers, at a minimum. It's pretty insulting that they would pass off a watch that already has filled-in papers to you.

    If they aren't cooperative, this could end up being a big embarrassment to them. It already is, considering that I've read your account, as have others. Remind them that it can get much worse. Have them get it right. A Tank Francaise isn't a cheap item, and they owe it to you to make the experience a proper and satisfying one.

  5. which manager should I speak to? The general Saks manager or is there one for fine jewelry there?
  6. Whoa!

    I don't know how much I can help you, but I also took advantage of the Saks gift card event on 7/26 to purchase a Cartier watch.

    I'm way too paranoid to have something like that shipped. Paying the tax is worth it to me for the peace of mind that comes with walking out the door with something you've inspected and's a lifelong purchase. I developed a relationship w/ the SA before the event through e-mail, and have it on 'paper' that a new one was being held for me. I also emphasized that I and or a family member may be considering another watch in the near future, and that I would remember the SA when the time came. I received excellent service.

    I would ask for the Manager of fine watches. Get their e-mail address and phone number. Start with a verbal discussion....Saks will make this right I'm sure.
    Taking a watch back as a return leaves them with a watch that's harder to sell because it has someone elses name on the paperwork, but that's not your problem.

    Good Luck!
  7. I def think you should make an issue out of this, talk to a manager and get it sorted. There is no excuse for the SA behavior.
  8. I feel so bad for you! Go to the manager, of all places you shouldn't expect such bad service from Cartier.
  9. Like everyone else has already stated, take it to Customer Care. I'm sure it'll be made right for you.