Issues with Monogram Vernis?

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  1. Hi all,

    My story is quite but just wanted to know if anyone had the same prob with the Monogram vernis?

    My bf bought me a monogram vernis 4-key keypouch in Jan this yr, after only 6 mths, I noticed 2 small tears where the stitches are, at the sides of the keypouch (where they fold). I brought them to the Taka LV and the person actually told me that they cant do a repair and had the cheek to suggest for me to wait till the tear gets bigger and more prominent before going back! I didnt, of cus, and I stopped using the pouch.

    When I went to London, I asked the LV store manager if they could fix a tear in the leather (I didnt bring the pouch to the store), and he told me the ppl in Singapore should be able to determine, so 3 months later, I decided to try my luck again. This time, they sent my pouch for QC and told me that they cant do anything abt the leather but they will do a 1-to-1 exchange for me since it is a recent purchase. I'm not sure if I should go for the same pouch (in case I encounter the same problem), but I reeli do love the vernis finish. :sad:

    In case you're wondering, I do take EXTREMELY good care of the pouch cus of the sentimental value.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I think you should do the 1 to 1 exchange. I think you may have gotten a dud, 6 months and there are tears? that's definitely not right.
  3. it's not a dud. I bought it from the New Bond St LV boutique in London..unless the shop sells fake stuff..haha that's why I'm asking if there are similar problems encountered by other users..:smile:
  4. sorry i misunderstood the meaning of "dud"..yeah..i think probably i got a faulty one. I did notice that the stitching where the tear appeared is a little off, and I saw the same thing on a display piece of the vernis key pouch in the boutique - a little tear which appears as a white line or dot if you do not look closely.
  5. Hmmm do you happen to like other lines aside from Vernis? Maybe you could get a cles instead of the 4 key holder or the same one but in mc or epi? I think the cause of the tears could be due to the constant folding of the key holder and I noticed that Vernis isn't exactly as pliable compared to the other canvases.
  6. You like the Vernis so I would buy another one, but I would make certain the SA who sold me the replacement understood that I would be expecting the new one to last more than 6 months and I would examine it very carefully before accepting it. Make certain to remember the name of the SA who helped you and, if there is a problem in a few months, return to that SA, reminding him/her of your previous problem with QC. Hopefully, all will be well and you can relax and enjoy your special gift. I have a Vernis Sarah wallet and have had no issues with tears in any part of the Vernis, so maybe you just got a defectively stitched cles.

  7. She doesn't have a cles, she has the 4-key holder. OP - Any chance you were closing too many keys inside the key-holder? If there was constant pressure against the snap and where the key holder bends, it could cause the glazing and stitching to come loose, which they (unforunately) might call user wear and tear. I would take it in and see what they say.

  8. i agree to take it in and see what they say. good luck!:smile: