Issues with Gucci Buyer

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  1. Help!!!!!!!

    Recently, I sold a Gucci Tote on eBay that was over 4 years old and the buyer now wants a refund stating that the bag was FAKE and BROKEN! She couldn't find the bag on the Gucci site to verify that it was real, so that's her justification for it being fake! I tried telling the girl that a 4 year old bag that is not a classic would not be listed on their site!

    This has never happened to me before and I'm really angry for being accused of selling fake broken merchandise!!! In the listing I stated the age of the item, where it was purchased and showed multiple pictures from all angles, so there would be no question about the condition of the bag. It came with the original dustbag, care cards and control numbers. I even advised that the bag could be authenticated here on the Purse Forum or at any Gucci Store. The bag was not broken in any way shape or form when it shipped, so now that I find myself in this situation I want to rationally handle this without allowing my emotions to get in the way.

    What you would you all do????
  2. I would try to convince her calmly and politely that the bag is authentic, if it fails I would ask her to ship it back for a full refund. If she is determined to get her money back, there is a big chance that you may end up with a damaged bag. Good luck! :yes:
  3. Post the pictures from your listing in the Gucci authentication thread, and send your buyer the responses that you receive.

    If your buyer is still not convinced, I would contact for an official authentication.

    Good luck!
  4. no, Gucci Store do not authenticate

    tell her to read carefully - the first post on page 1 in that thread - there she will see which pic and format - we need for helping her

    she have also the opportunity to pay a few $ and use this gucci experts

    ( don´t use Caroldiva for gucci )
  5. Agree w/ Queen.Asli... Castira is much more expert in Gucci, especially the older Gucci.. AND is less expensive for auth.
  6. Alternatively she can bring it in to Gucci to have it repaired if the bag is broken. If its a real Gucci, they should take it in for repairs.
  7. What in the world is the buyer thinking?! Definitely message her back and let her know she can get the bag authenticated here on Purse Forum. She should have known what was coming to her...
  8. post the pics of the bag for someone on the forum to authenticate..
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