Issues with Gel Nails

Aug 14, 2006
I get gel overlay nails done and I love my nail tech and consider her a friend but I'm starting to run into some issues...

1. She is always late, usually only around 10-15 mins, but it still drives me insane

2. She complains when I go for a fill and my nails have been filed down. My nails grow fast, and I can't wait for 2-3 weeks to file them because they get too long. She knows that long nails drive me insane but yet she still comments on the "terrible" job I do filing them shorter

3. My nails keep breaking. No matter what, every time I go see her I have 2-3 nails that need to be repaired, and it's usually both thumbs. I got my nails done on Saturday afternoon and have been careful with them but just this morning the nail on my thumb broke. She always says I'm too hard on my nails but I really don't know if that's the truth... I don't use them to open anything and I try to stick with the "jewels not tools" motto but they still break. When I used to get them done years ago, they would sometimes lift but never break.

Any advice? Should I just start going to someone else? Should I tell her why?


Feb 4, 2010
Go to someone else. I also recommend trying Japanese gel nails. They're a lot stronger than regular gel and last longer.
And no. You don't need to tell her why you're going to someone else. If you're not happy with a service you're paying for just go find someone else.


Apr 29, 2009
Go somewhere else. For me the first 2 points would be annoying, but point 3 is a deal-breaker imo. I've been getting gel overlays for years and only ever have maybe 1 or 2 nail breaks in an entire year. And they're somewhat long, I don't baby them at all, and I use them for anything and everything even opening cans.


Jan 27, 2011
Northern CA
I would go elsewhere too. Being late by more than 5 minutes, on a regular basis, is a deal breaker for me. And when I got gel overlays they lasted 2+ weeks every time.
Is she a close friend? I wonder if that's why she thinks these things are ok. I can't imagine she has a ton of clients if she treats everyone that way.
Go to someone else. You don't have to tell her why - if she's insisting on giving you long nails then she really has no business complaining when you file them every time.

They should never be breaking that quickly or easily. I have pretty long gel overlays that I by no means baby, and I wait far too long for a fill as well as have them very pointy. I broke my first one in years just a few weeks ago. She should have offered solutions or alternatives if yours break that often, not complained.

Worst case scenario, you see someone else and then decide to go back to her. Likely, a new person can offer up those solutions and will trim them down to the length YOU want so you're not filing them on your own.


Oct 19, 2006
in the store....
if you're a long time client and you stop going to her, she will know why - because you're no longer happy with her services. You don't have to explain why. Your money, your time, your decision.

I really hate nail techs that feel like they do what they want, instead of listening to their clients
Apr 15, 2007
Would also suggest going to a new nail tech. No reason not to.. You may be surprised to find someone
who respects your time & wants your nails to last