Issues with covered handles like Damier Graphite Porte-Documents

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  1. Anyone having trouble with the covering white handles on their Damier Graphite Porte-Documents? Mine don't lie flush against the handle and as a result, the edge of the leather is peeling off against the zipper!

    It's almost like the white cover doesn't fit the handle and the button snap keeps coming off!
  2. Take it back and exchange it.
  3. I had the same issue but I have returned it and they kindly credited me - and it was well over the return limit - relationship with your SA always helps :smile: best of luck
  4. yep i had the same problem too. i sent it in last friday for repair but havent updated me since. my SA said that just pulling the leather can help keep the buttons from snapping off. i would also try putting the handles on differently. i mean some tpfer's have the zipper part on the outside of the handles and others have the zipper on the inside of the handles. hope u can get it fixed
  5. How much are the white leather covers for LV handles? Are they available for the Keepall?