Issues/ Concerns with Quality or CS- Please post here!

  1. Omg, I just ordered one (for my cousin) from Shopbop and it's still on the way to my home! I was expecting it but having seen so many quality issues with RM MAM I've already decided to send it back right after it arrives. I don't want to deal with quality issues at all for a $416 bag, especially it's a gift!!!
  2. ^^^Gosh I hope this doesn't happen to my new MAB! I won't be using it until spring and I would hate to have a problem after having it for 4 months!
  3. I have a Seafoam MN from the most recent sample sale and haven't had any problems with it. And from what I understand, a lot of the MAM issues were with bags that had the metal plate attaching the handle to the bag (i.e. Croc MAM's and Trio Patent ones). There were several ladies who had the hardware come loose and those were not SS bags.
  4. I'm happy. I got my Brown Croc MAM bag back from LB who sent the bags back to RM to be fixed. I had a handle disattach (if that is a word). They are solid as a rock now. No Jiggle or give on the handles at all now.
  5. I'm sorry to say that I have an issue with my nikkis ... they are ruining all my tops :cursing: My sister first brought it to my attention when she noticed a hole on the shoulder in my brand new french connection sweater. I just figured I had bought the sweater that way. Then not too long after I noticed pieces of fabric/sweater on the underside of the strap on both my sea green and noir nikkis. :cursing: It seems as though the stitching is rough on the underside of the strap and as I examined all the shirts I've been wearing, the bags have been pulling the fabric out of my shirts and sweaters. My clothes look as though I've shaved the shoulders with some sort of a nail file or something ridiculous. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:

    Those are actually the only 2 nikkis I use so it could possibly happen with all nikkis. After I removed the chunks of fabric from the strap more seem to build up so I don't know what to do. I'm probably better off leaving them there so hopefully they won't pull more off my clothes. :shrugs: I guess I could put tape on the underside of the handle but how cheap is that? :wtf:

    Has anyone else noticed this same kind of problem or do I have 2 defective nikkis on my hands?
  6. I have several nikkis and this has never happened to me.
  7. :thinking:so strange because i can't imagine i got two defective ones although stranger things have happened. :shrugs:

    if you run your fingers along the stitching on the underside of your nikki handles are there any rough spots? on my bags it's mostly on the ends where the stitching seems to be doubled up. it's super rough to the touch like it will give you a scratch on your bare skin.
  8. I have four mini nikki's and haven't noticed this but i will double check the underside of my straps in the morning.
  9. ^ ty!

    it's crazy because i never would've realized until I was sitting in the car w/my nikki on my lap and I saw something black hanging down from the strap and when i flipped it over it was a knit ball from my sweater and from my knit top. Then I put two and two together and remembered what my sister said. I swear this kind of stuff only happens to me. :rolleyes:
  10. I have the same problem with my wine nikki w/ old hw (from bought ~11/08). Tape seems to be an answer to the problem but how ghetto is that?! I don't want to part w/ my nikki...anyone else have the same issue?
  11. exactly what i've being experiencing with my Wine Nikki!!~ and i thought it was only me! how weird~ the ends of the stitching is super rough and has actually left scratch marks on my arms everytime i wore it~ and i only noticed after a few times and started paying more attention to it. Luckily for me tho, it hasn't ruined any of my clothes... yet :sad:
  12. ^ !!! exactly my thought
  13. OK~ this is bad.
    So not even a month after I sent in my faulty Light Grey Combo MAB for repairs (post #52), THIS happens to me. I am super pissed. Just as I was regaining my love and confidence with RM bags through my Ocean MAM, another fault comes along :crybaby:

    I've used my Quilted Patent MAC for 5 times, max. The leather tab that connects the leather strap to the chain literally snapped off. I had in it my long LV wallet, my mobile, a packet of tissues, mints and a lipgloss. To make matters worse, I was running my daily work errands so I had my hands full of files, envelopes and what not, and my whole bag just fell off me on a busy street, talk about embarassing :cursing:

    It also makes me wonder that these newer RMs are not as well made as the older ones, as I have never ever had a problem with any of my older bags, bought brand new or used, but have had problems with 2 out of the 3 newer RM's I've purchased recently.

    I think apart from CS, the RM crew would really need to work on their QC as well. I am seriously, SERIOUSLY not buying another RM in the near future, I'll just be content with my old ones.

    Off to send Codi and Rebecca yet another email :push:

  14. ^This is terrible. Sorry you had to through this TWICE! :tdown: How embarrassing for a bag to break apart in public. I hope everything gets straightened out. I can imagine what a hassle it must be to send a bag back for repairs only to have a second one break!

    It looks like you're not the only one having problems which makes me really hesitant to buy any of the newer designs especially the ones with the metal plates. I like the quilted design a lot but now I am going to hold off on buying because I am afraid mine might break apart!
  15. I've seen this same problem in another thread with this same bag, so I think it's the leather that is not holding well with the stitches. I actually ordered this bag with thehipchick, but they informed me it was out of stock, I was so happy and cancelled it right away! I have not received any of my RMs yet, I guess I can only cross my fingers! :sweatdrop: