Issues/ Concerns with Quality or CS- Please post here!

  1. Thank you for the advice. I'll look into it =)
  2. My mom has a lightly glazed white swing that she started using recently. She said the white glaze is rubbing off and the bag looks grey underneath. She is very careful with her bags and said that it is starting to look really bad. Anyone know what can be done about this?

  3. it could be transfer from clothing. Doesn't even have to be from denim unfortunately even cotton colors can transfer. Just figured since its a swing it's transfer which means its not a defect

    Have you tried a damp cloth?
  4. It is definitely not transfer. The glaze is rubbing off the bag and exposing the leather underneath and looks grey instead of white. You know how when you use a regular leather bag, you get wear on the corners and such? Well this is happening on the corners and the back only much faster than it would usually happen on a bag and looks bad. I actually had the same problem with a lightly glazed turquoise mac. I don't know if it is just a problem that some glazed RM leathers have.
  5. Hi everyone,

    Am a brand-new Minkette as my first ever RM bag - a soft bronze MAM - just arrived four days ago. I love it so far and then I stumbled on this forum.

    I'm thinking of buying a MAC Whipstitch but with all the issues of chains snapping off and leather getting torn, am worried. Since 2007 - when this forum was put up - how's the quality of the MAC now?


    PS My bag's got this metallic finishing - any tips as to how to take care of it? Thank you! :smile::smile:
  6. Hi everyone

    Would just like to ask if there were any issues with bad purchased from the June 4-8 online sale?

    Well mine wasn't a leather issue but my MAM didn't have the Vincent cards AND
    had no keychain holder. Is this new? Thanks! Apart from these, the bag's just so fabulous :smile:
  7. I am relatively new to RM & recently received two RM bags for an upcoming trip. The first is a studded large affair. It was used for less than one hour & the snap opened over 10 times. Thankfully my husband saw my wallet fall onto the sidewalk so I didn't loose anything, but I don't want to use this bag again as is. The second bag is a Mac clutch, and on its first use the leather loop that attaches the strap to the bag ripped. So much for great quality huh?

    My question is how long do repairs actually take? From what I'm reading, it can be months if at all, and I have no idea what they're going to do with the affair snap. Is this just a design defect that I have to live with? What should my expectations realistically be for these bags?
  8. Hi and welcome to RM! I can't answer your questions about how long repairs take but I can tell you that there is a thread somewhere that lists out RMs repair policy & process. I'm on my phone so it's hard for me to find that link for u right now. But I do remember reading some posts that it has taken a couple to a few months for some to get their bags returned from repair.

    Now about the affair snap a few ladies here had that problem and if I recall correctly they ended up returning the bag or exchanging for a new one. I'm not sure if RM can fix this so u may have to live with it.
  9. [​IMG]


    Hi, I have problem with my newly bought MAC Bombe ostrich embossed. I wore it for my friend's wedding, and later that day I found my bag has small hole. I don't know how it is happen, and pretty sure it still perfect early that day. I do not do anything extreme that day, just eat and taking pictures. I'm really sad because it is newly bought and it's leather, aren't they suppose to be tough and long lasting?
  10. I have to say I am pretty fed up with the quality of the bags lately. I bought a studded affair less than a month ago and in less than a week a stud had already fallen off. I returned that bag. Then I bought a burgundy endless love satchel. I've had this bag about 3 weeks and the leather is wearing off. At this point I am frustrated and not sure I am going to buy anymore rm bags. Anyone else have these same issues?
  11. OMG! That stinks. I've been considering the Endless Love Satchel, but guess I'll hold off. Considering the price point, it's just insane for these bags to have issues so soon!! I absolutely love Becks and her bags, but they really need to step it up on the QC front. I, personally, haven't had any issues with bags I've bought new, but I seem to be hearing more about wonky things going wrong with the newer bags (i.e., the Cupid handle fiasco). Think I'll stick to the pre-loved, old school beauties for now.

    I'm sorry you're having these issues. I'd contact RM and see if there's something they can do for you.
  12. I think I am going to try to return it at Saks for the second time. If Saks won't take it I will be contacting rm. it is sad since I have been a loyal fan for 5-6 years.
  13. i have a metallic honey mac. my mom was the first owner, took it out of packaging, and didn't like the color so she gave it to me. i loved it but used it only a handful of times. i decided to sell it and put it on my bonanza page, i believe i listed it as EUC without even checking, because, well why wouldnt it be in great condition? i barely carried it and when i did, it sat on my lap or on the seat of the car. no one bought it from bonz, and i was actually glad. i took it out of dustbag, remembered how much i love this mac and started using it again. i have probably carried it 8 times max.

    anyway, i was waiting in the car the other day and glanced at it in the sunlight. i noticed there is quite a lot of wear and rubbing on seams and edges of bag. i still love the bag and i'm not upset or anything. i understand that this is a thinner, more fragile leather. but i keep thinking, what if someone had bought it when i listed it? they would think i had been trying to scam them. i understand that sellers have a responsibility to examine things before selling so that they can include an honest and accurate description to potential buyers, but there are times you have something expensive, dont use it, take it out for a quick picture to post and dont bother to examine it because you'd expect it to be in great condition. this really took me by surprise. not sure the point of my post, but i just keep thinking i'm so glad someone didn't purchase this from me as they would not have got the bag in the condition i described it in!
  14. I just wanted to give you all an update on my situation. I contacted RM to see what they could do about my endless love satchel and was told that it was "normal wear and tear from regular use of the bag". Also they "recommend that i take the bag to a leather care professional in my area that can give me options for restoration or repair." I am really upset that the RM considered "normal wear and tear" when leather wears off a 3 week old bag. Thankfully I am still within my return policy at Saks so I will be returning it this week but I have to say I am very upset by the quality of the bags. I have been a loyal customer of RM for over 5 years and I'm not sure I will buy another bag after this whole situation.
  15. Yeah - that sounds like a bit of a cop out answer on their part. If that happening after 3 weeks is normal wear and tear...that doesn't instill confidence in quality and longevity. It's such a shame - especially given you've been a fan from early on. :sad: