Issues/ Concerns with Quality or CS- Please post here!

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    I wanted to address the fact that some people feel they cannot voice their concerns or problems with the RM brand. This is simply not true and we welcome everyone's opinions and thoughts whether they are good or bad. The mods are in place to make sure that people stay respectful and on topic and that is it. We are not here to stifle anyone's opinions or views and I am truly sorry if anyone feels that we are. There have been some threads that were previosuly closed due to veering off topic, so I thought it appropriate to start a thread soley for posting issues, concerns or upset due to quality or customer service experiences.

    As long as this thread stays civil and on topic everyone is free to speak their mind! :tup:
  2. Great thread idea, thanks for starting it! :smile:
  3. This is great! I am here to say that this info helps me make my brand better and stronger and so I am here for anyone to voice their problems too! :smile:
  4. Thanks - to all Minkettes, let's try to keep this one on topic this time. ;)
  5. I had emailed RM about the seals - IMO they look kinda sloppy. She did say they are working on improving techniques so I am really excited and looking forward to furture RM bags.

    I have had some CS issues, and either RM's staff or herself have emailed me. I am aware that CS is something they are working on improving, as well as quality on the products. I do appreciate that RM takes our comments, complaints, and compliments to heart and actually addresses them.

    I will admit, I was recently upset and didn't want to buy more RM, but the fact that RM reached out and personally emailed me back to rectify the situation put a bit of confidence back into her brand for me.

    thank you for starting this thread. I hope it brings out the highlights and issues some of us have and will ultimately help RM.

    oh, additionally, if RM or her staff reads this....i personally like the old dogleash clips vs the RM logo - i think what initially drew me to RM bags were the designs themselves and the fact that there was no logo flashing on it. would it be possible to allow options of dogleash clips or RM logo clips when purchasing a bag?
  6. We have taken away the logo for all new orders for January, we heard those calls loud and clear! :smile:
  7. Haha, thanks Rebecca!! We really really appreciate you listening to your customers/fans/(ardent worshippers)!! :tup:
  8. :smile: I aim to please on all ends!! C/S, repairs, etc...
  9. I just have to say that I think we are very fortunate to have the opportunities we have with RM. I don't know of any other brands or designers that allow for all the special orders we have the opportunity to partake in. Thank you Rebecca for your attention to us and matters at hand. I know that inevitably there are always going to be some QC issues, but I am really grateful that you give your personal attention to us and these matters!
  10. Good thread Littlerock. :yes:
    Im wondering if this thread should be made into a sticky so its easy to locate and duplicate threads will be less likely.
  11. I guess I'm one of the few that liked the new stamped hardware. :sad: I'm saying I won't kick an MAM outta bed over a dogleash clip, but I thought the stamped hardware jazzed it up a bit. :graucho:

  12. I will work on trying to keep this bumped to the first page. Some of the sticky's do get overlooked so sometimes its better to bump :tup:
  13. I am concerned about the quality of the metallic leather bags. I've only been carrying my metallic blue mini nikki for about 2 weeks, and already the color on the handle is wearing off and exposing silver underneath. can this be repaired?

    such a shame, because the color is beautiful and of course, i paid a good amount for a bag, that i expect to hold up for a long time, at least a few seasons!

    some pics of it:
    IMG_9716.JPG IMG_9720.JPG
  14. ^^^My eggplant matinee has this issue with its handles and I only carried it for a few weeks. It is only on the underside. I don't keep it high in the rotation.
  15. I don't own a metallic RM bag, but I do own other metallic bags, and I find that your really have to baby them.