Issued Refund using paypal without logging in..

  1. Can someone tell me if anyone had done this before? I recently made a payment without logging in.. instead I used the small link where I put in my credit card and billing information. How will the refund be issued? To that e-mail or if it will go directly to my credit card? Anyone know? thanks in advance!
  2. sorry..i've never done that before...didnt know u can pay without loggin in.
  3. Nevermind about this post. I decided to call the paypal hotline for help!
  4. Recently I was trying to log in to my paypal account from a diff. computer and I couldn't remember my password and it gave me as an option a way to use my credit card without logging in. This makes TOTAL sense because it's like using your credit card through a store, they are just acting as a machine for you and not using your bank conneciton which is why you don't need to log in.

    I especially like this because the paypal on my acct. is MINE and when DH wants me to get something for him I have to transfer it to my bank to make it possible to use the CC with DHs purchases. Now I can just skip all of that.