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  1. i'm having SUCH an issue with coach! i went to the outlet and saw GORGOUS stuff today, and they have great stuff online, but nothing catches me enough for me to acctually want to BUY A BAG?! i love their accessories, and bought a pink classic pony tail scarf today! (my first scarf!) i also buy keyfobs from them because they're AWESOME! the only bag i'd buy from coach is like, 800 dollars, and i'd not be able to afford THAT anytime soon!

    i'm newly obsessed with kooba, but only own a bonnie, so it's not like i have 100 more kooba's than i do coach products. my next planned purchase is definately a kooba, which will cost me (hopefully no more than) 400 bucks.

    for coach, i have a mini tote i used today for the first time ( :love: it, used it as our snack tote ;) perrrfect!) i have my 2 gallery pouches ( :love: ) and i have my huge black tote that is currently my car buddy and holds all my CD's in my back seat! (thats my fave piece, i am going to get a sweatshirt or something to put over it after what happened to a few of our coach ladies who got their bags ganked from them!

    so the question is why aren't any coach bags grabbing me. i will NEVER in my life stop using a mini skinny. point blank. i will NEVER EVER stop buying keyfobs. have I graduated from their bags?

  2. Coach seems to have phases of great bags and not so great bags. Maybe the bags that are in production now just aren't for you. I don't buy Coach anymore (mainly because I'm living outside of the US) because their current product line is not fitting for my lifestyle and my needs.

    I don't think there's really a need to question why they aren't grabbing your attention - that's just the way it is.
  3. I'm kind of the opposite...Botkier and Kooba were my designer bags of choice until 2006 . Botki only had a Carlton hobo in sand that motivated me to purchase in the last year. Coach, with their 65th anniversary Legacy bags and the current lightweight Ergo bags have my $$$. And, yes, their selection of accessories is awesome!
  4. same way for me. nothing is currently grabbing my my attention is being focused toward lv and chanel. :graucho:

    brand loyalty is overrated. :P
  5. I'm not a person who tends to "graduate" to other bags. I find something LV and have to have it, and then I find something from Coach and have to have it. Price point or designer has nothing to do with it, and I switch back and forth and round and round.

    However, spring lines from Coach do very little for me. I am not into canvas bags, watercolor, scribble, denim (some are cute, but not enough for me to buy), etc. I love the heavy leathers of the Legacy line and I'm anxiously awaiting the fall/winter Legacy line.

    I was all over Bulga's studded butterfly tote, and then most of the bags I've seen from them lately do nothing for me. But I haven't written them off.

    Just because there isn't something you like this moment doesn't mean there won't be things you lust for in the future!

  6. hahaha... well i'm glad someone can put it in a way that lifts the guilt :yes:

    i DO like some of coach's bags, but a few times i'd talk to people about the bags i was lusting after, they'd go buy them. i'm almost afraid to say what i like at this point!

    either way, kooba grabs me hard, and coach only pokes me.
  7. buy what you LOVE, screw the brand name. if you LOVE kooba, buy kooba! if you love coach, buy that. NO point in buying something "just because". that's pointless.

  8. as for the part in red there, that's how i've felt for a while with coach bags, which is why it makes me feel like i'm about to stray far. i am also ANXIOUSLY awaiting the fall/winter lines. oooo doggy.

    as for the bold part up there, you're right. but same goes for kooba LOL. acctually kooba's new lines make me shudder a little right now, but there are still NUMEROUS bags i'd buy before i'd buy a few coach bags...

  9. i know. my general "purse collection" idea, started soley with coach, just to keep my wallet from going dry, and as for coach having all kinds of patchwork and whatnot, patterns they do differently every year, quirky looking bags, i was going to "collect" the pieces that were a bit more sought after and rare.

    look what you biatches did to me! now i'm obsessed with the WHOLE purse WORLD, and not just coach!


    damn enablers. i guess thats why i was feeling like i was straying :cry:
  10. OT, but lamiastella, your baby is sooo cute!!

    And nothing is especially grabbing me from Coach now either....the next thing I plan to get is a white ergo tote, and I'm only getting the ergo because I can't find another white bag that I like for a fairly reasonable price. I like the new stuff, but it's nothing that's like "OMG I must have it!!" I'm currently obsessed with getting a LV Speedy 30 (still going back and forth b/t mono and damier)....once I get that, I think I'll be strictly accessories for a while.
  11. i'm in love with accessories. i bought 2 things for RAOK from the "accessory" department today, AND i bought myself the ponytail scarf :wlae: :cutesy: weee *squeals* i'm so damn cute, i have a pink bow on my head. gayman says i look young i say GOOD cuz i look older than 22! i love their accessories, and will bargain shop till i drop to find a deal! i got 3 things today for under 50 bucks @ the outlet! go me!
  12. I have to agree.. just buy what you like!! :heart: The styles are all different at different times.. it doesn't mean you have to totally ditch coach (unless of course you want to). I have to admit, I have not had major allegiance to any brand except a little partial to dooney several years ago.. then I got my first coach :heart: and that is basically all I look at now.. but I almost always like several of their styles and it is a total addiction.. they always have new things... :wtf: I almost wish it weren't that way.. I am going broke!!!
  13. i have some dooney's i'm acctually extremely faithful to. my AWL dooney hobo was the first "designer" bag i bought! ;) . ONE is a newer All weather leather platinum grey hobo, and the color is disgustingly perfect for winter, perrrrfect grey. either that or sometimes on a wicked rainy day off, i'll whip it out as well! and the other is an oldschool ( :love: ) vintage rouge backpack... ugh love it for work! meh my third dooney is a kinda rare grey and red monogram barrel that is pretty sophisticated, that i'm selling soon probably. i have outragously good loyalty skills when it comes to dooney cuz i beat the crap out of my bags, and dooney definately takes crap.

    coach, i would have to say the same, although signature gets way dirty. their leather may scuff, but all leather does. (except for dooney all weather leather... you gotta stab it to scuff it!) the bags last a longggg time. i just dont' LOVE the style as much it doesn't seem as "loose" or "fresh" as it could be.

    i still :love: coach 4eva ;)
  14. I think there are certain brands that go though different stages, and you'll find some things you like and others you don't. I've never been drawn to Coach's spring/summer lines much but LOVE the legacy bags and some of the signature bags. It's still the brand I buy the most, by far, though, because I love some of their lines.

    I think you should just get the bag that grabs you and not worry too much about if it's one brand or another. And you're right--their accessories are adorable!

    Who knows, maybe the fall line will grab you or maybe you'll find something else! Doesn't mean you can't hang out in he Coach forum sometimes--the ladies are awesome!;)
  15. I hear ya'! My first Dooney was an AWL bag about 12 years ago... I loved that bag!!! It was great and held up for ages!! They have kind of gotten into different materials now but I still think they have a lot of nice things.. I think I will always have a place in my heart for them... :heart: in fact, I am totally planning on going to the D&B oulet in cali too