issue with mac kabuki brush

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  1. i bought the full size kabuki brush at a CCO over the holidays.

    today i washed it because i started using the brush a couple of weeks ago and figured it was time. the minute i started rinsing it, this strange odor came from the brush and this dark stuff rinsed out of it. the only thing i have used this brush with has been a MSF (in light medium) and translucent setting powder. i do not know why anything dark would come from the brush.

    the brush now STINKS. in the process of washing it, i saw on the side of the brush it says CHINA. i thought all mac brushes were made in the u.s. or canada, even the SE brushes that are machine made. i know there aren't a lot of tight regulations on manufacturing in china, which is why i have stayed away from the sigma/coastal scents brushes, despite great reviews.

    i am out the money of the kabuki (which was NOT cheap, even at the CCO) because the receipt is long gone and i doubt the CCO will do an exchange now that the brush has been used, but i just want to know if anyone else has run into this problem?

    i did a quick google search and didn't find much. i will be inquiring at my local MAC sometime this week.

    i bought a few other brushes on that same trip to the CCO and they are great and have no smell, despite several washes (the kabuki was the last i used because i didn't really know what to do with it until i bought a MSF natural).
  2. sorry can't really help you with your issue. but majority of my MAC brushes are made in Japan and my SE brushes are made in China. These were all purchased from the actual store too. But then again, the last time I purchased brushes from the MAC store was a couple years ago, so it might of changed. who knows. But with the odor, what kind of smell is it exactly? can you describe it?
  3. I would contact MAC directly, through their website, and let them know exactly what you have told us here.

    Ask if they can do something for you.
  4. ^^^
    i plan on doing that.

    it doesn't really smell like chemicals, just sort of this weird odor. all of my other brushes smell like nothing. i checked all of them, and they were made in japan it seems. for some reason i thought the brushes were made in the u.s./canada like the actual makeup.

    this morning the kabuki brush is dry with hard tips towards the center of the brush. it's so yuck. i do not know what the heck this is as i washed it with plain ol' soap and warm water just like i do all of my makeup brushes.
  5. canada's, I know just what you mean. I got a MAC kabuki early this past fall for the same purpose you did, though I bought it through the MAC website. It also lets off a bit of a dark liquid when I wash it (I use MAC brush cleaner or BeautyBlender cleaner) and it does smell a tad. It dries normally, however, so I continue to use it with my MSF Natural in particular.

    I agree with you that in that sense it's unlike any of the other MAC brushes.

    Please keep us posted -- I am curious to hear what MAC has to say about this!
  6. i called the CCO where i purchased the brush and was given this phone number. i didn't ask them about a refund or exchange, as i have no receipt because i threw it out. if you have your receipt, i would approach the place of sale with that and get my money back.

    the number is 1800-387-6707 x8

    the woman was incredibly nice. they are sending me a pre-paid envelope to send the brush back to mac. they will look at the brush, see it's faulty and do an exchange for the total amount of the product. i will likely get other brushes, since i have no interest in a brush made in china.

    luckily, i have a UD kabuki on the way (i ordered this way before the issue with the MAC kabuki) and there are plenty of other quality lines of makeup to spend my money on.

    i just feel MAC harps on quality and for whatever reason, manufactures this ONE brush in china while keeping the price point the same as those made in japan/france.

    the phone rep said she's never heard of this issue before, but it seems A LOT of 182 brushes stink post-the initial wash.
  7. Did you wash it before you initially used it? I know the artists always say that the brushes have a coating on them (don't know if it's colorless, etc..) and tell me to wash them first.
  8. ^^^
    no, i did not wash it.

    i never wash my brushes before using, but that's a good tip that does make sense.

    at any rate, i've never seen a dark color leak from any other brush when i've only used it with light powder. plus, the brush stinks like hell and there's no way it's going near my face again.
  9. Hmmm...canada's, it sounds like you brush is nastier than mine, because mine doesn't truly reek - it lets off a bit of dark liquid when I wash it, but the stink doesn't bother me - which is good because I have a bionic sense of smell. :P

    Glad to hear that you are getting some good CS in response to your complaint, though!

    PS: Good that you are getting a UD brush - I was going to warn you not to try the Sephora kabuki (the most expensive one that they sell) because I had it before the MAC one and treated it really gently but it shed like crazy - def. not worth the money!
  10. It's a good idea to wash your brushes before the first initial use. I spoke to an MA a while ago and he said that the brushes has some kind of coating on them I have the 182, and I didn't notice the weird smell, but I washed it and There was some bleeding but not too much. I conditioned it after washing it and it was fine.
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