Issue or not? Being a purse twin with family?


Apr 25, 2009
hi ladies

is it a faux pas to have the same purse as someone close in your family?

i think it'd be fun to have my mother, my sister and i with classic chanels. mom is in europe right now, and wants me to send a list of my wants (yay mom!)- but one of my colleagues was saying it would not be right - that it "devalues" the purse or makes it less special/exclusive - like we all got it on sale or something...

what do you think? are any of you chanel twins with someone else in your family? TIA!


Jul 18, 2009
hey phiphi, my mom and i both have the same bag and we love wearing it together when we can, she live in a different state and i, but whenever i visit her i always bring mine along to match with her, and also sometime she would use the 255 size and i use my east west bag, I think it's really cute :smile:, and since you and your mom and sis don't live together, matching would only be a once in a while thing so i think it would be cool :smile:


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
I don't think it's a big deal. Anyone who is the slightest bit familiar with Chanel wouldn't think you bought your classic flaps on sale, if you all happened to be carrying them together. My mom is gorgeous and I'm honored to have the same purses as her... as for looks, well unfortunately, that passed me by! :sweatdrop: She has the black caviar Jumbo with gold h/w and mine is with silver, and we've carried them together haha... so we're almost bag twins. :P

My aunt, on the other hand, is a woman no one can stand... she went out and bought the exact same bag as my mom JUST because my mom has it... so that's a little annoying, but whatever. :rolleyes: :P I think as long as you're okay with it, who cares what others think... people will judge you no matter what... and I say let them. :P


Jul 23, 2007
My Mom and I have similar tastes. I love finding just the right bag for her and often it's also the 'right' bag for me! lol! We both have the classic Timeless Tote in black. I got hers for her hers because the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was perfect for her. I have to confess that I 'test drove' it though for a few days before handing it over and fell in love. Mine followed soon after. lol! I love that Chanel transcends the generations.

I just try to be sure to chose a different outfit when I know we are going somewhere together so that she gets to carry hers if she wishes without worrying that I'll show up with mine too. It wouldn't be the end of the world though if we did both carry it on the same day. Heck, we've shared clothes in the past and even shown up at family gatherings wearing the same or similar outfits! lol!
She's getting older now though so our taste in clothing differs more these days but I still ask for her opinion on my clothing though even if the style may be too young for her now. She's still young at heart!


Apr 25, 2009
thanks for the advice joey'slove!

fiery: it's not uncommon to hear stories like your aunt getting it just because your mom did... for instance, i have a friend who got into a discussion with another friend - she was advised she couldn't get the same purse as hers! ... and about the looks department, my dear, i've seen your pics in the CL and Chanel in Action threads - though we can't see your face, i'm positive you're radiant!! and you've got wicked awesome taste!!

cyndee: my mom is absolutely like yours. in fact, i think she's funkier than i am!! i still rely on her for advice from wardrobe to make up. she has excellent style.