issey miyake bilbao bao bao bag

  1. hello! i was hoping for some help with the issey miyake bilbao/bao bao bag range. i've tried googling but didn't get much. i'd like to ask if anyone knows how much this bag is in whatever city you're in (just the regular ones!) and if there's any place at all that sells it online? TIA!!
  2. I googled issey miyake bilbao bao bao bag and found a Japanese website:

    They say it costs 240 dollars....

    That's all I know...
    Hope it helps!
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    hi.. it's a bit hard to get them in my country, indonesia.. and also, many fakes out there now!!
    there's one store that sells authentic stuffs here.. IDR 3.800.00 for the medium (6panels) and IDR 4.900.000 for the large (10 panels)
    way too expensive if compares to in japan :smile:

    i personally own two of em,

    hope it helps :smile:
  4. thanks! unfortunately that website is a buying service (rather than an actual online store) and their link is out of all the good colours.. but wow it is much cheaper in japan than it is in my country :x
  5. hello! i'm a bit new to the bilbao bags - when you say panels do you mean the number of rows? i'm looking for the regular tote bags. also, since you have 2 of your own, would you have any advice on how to differentiate the real goods from the fakes? thanks!!
  6. Oh be careful with the fake bilbao Issey Miyake bags, some of them are even Korea-made. I've seen both authentic and fake bags but I'm not well versed in looking at the difference. Just be careful dear
  7. yes panels means the numbers of rows.
    since you're not that familiar with the bags, you really can tell the fakes only when you have two items (the real and the fake ones) with you, then you can compare both of em.

    here's the basic things :
    the fake, even in AAA+ grades, they shows imperfect stuffs, it could be whatever.. the curly rubber in their handle is what i found the most. other than that, the rubber itself is less thicker than the auth. beware with the price.. the auth won't be listed under jap's price..

    hope it helps :smile:
  8. Great bag!
  9. I like the bag. I found their website about the bag. Some past season bags' prices are there in Japanese yen. And those are around $250-$350. I also found has it. They are well known site in this forum to sell authentic items.

    I didn't go their boutique for a long time. I will check it soon. If I find the bag, I will report you back!:smile:
  10. If anyone sees this for sale (especially in white) in the USA could you please let me know!
  11. Totokaelo has some bao bao bags on their site now. The planet bag looks pretty cool.
  12. Stunning bag. I hope you find it:smile:
  13. Club 21 online store carries some of the bao bags
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    hey all thanks much for all the input! i am still trying to search for particular, i want the silver bag. it is supposed to be a classic colour, but it is SO difficult to find.

    i wanted to ask one more thing. mopicung mentioned that there are two sizes, one with 6 rows and one with 10 rows, but do the bao bao bags ever have other numbers of rows? when i google image the bags, sometimes i get 7 8 or 9 rows...don't think those are fakes either as they appear on fashion websites, etc. i spotted a silver bag but it has 7 rows! not sure whether to buy it or not. any help will be greatly appreciated!!!! :smile:

    ps decided to add in a website which sells a bag with 7 rows...

    ahh! i am so confused!