Issac Show on the Style Network

  1. What do you ladies think of his show? Do you like it?

    I *really* love the idea of a designer having his own show, and I think that the topics on the show are interesting... however, Issac's mannerisms drive me insane! Like how he says "I'm serious" like he just said something outrageous when it's like a totally conventional idea (wearing a cameo on a ribbon as a necklace) and "Clap for her!"

    But I still catch the re-runs late at night. Hypocritical lil' me. :worried:
  2. I love watching Issac, and I think his mannerisms just add to his fun personality.
  3. I think he's a hoot !!! LOL Unfortunatly, I hear the network have not taped any more shows for a new season. Hence all the reruns.
  4. he annoys me to no end!! "clap for her" annoys me SO much! There's a reason he went from high-end to Target... He couldn't do much better! (sorry i know this was mean)
  5. What's wrong with Target?! :cry:
  6. I just find it annoying that he always interrupts his guests, totally takes over, won't let them get a word in. But he has some interesting guests, which makes it worth it.
  7. I know! Some of the guests end up looking really exasperated. :oh:
  8. i don't like it but i don't hate it. although i feel like shooting him when he says "clap for her/him"!
  9. I posted a thread on this a few weeks ago - hardly anyone noticed - I love the show - It's different and he's a hoot! sorry it won't be renewed! Most of TV is the same stuff over and over.