iSpot My 'Collection'

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  1. Here's my's not an 'it' bag collection (I just like nice bags) and I don't have a lot of LV bags :wondering I have still have a few chanels, Lanvin, Balenciagas and Mulberry at another place so I'll try to post them later on:smile:
    IMG_3507.JPG IMG_3433.JPG
  2. Very cute! LOVE the color of the blue one!!!:love: Keep them coming!:biggrin:
  3. The above:
    Ann Demeulemeester messenger bag
    Balenciaga 03 Cargo bag

    Balenciaga 04 Parachute bag
    Balenciaga 05 Magenta Weekender
    Balenciaga 03 Emerald first
    Balenciaga 06 Lilac City
    IMG_3434.JPG IMG_3431.JPG
  4. OMG!!! Magenta Weekender is TO DIE FOR!!!:love:
  5. great collection! Love the magenta Bbag!
  6. Céline:
    Vintage brown Croco bag
    Golden Clutch
    IMG_3458.JPG IMG_3494.JPG
  7. Thank you guys!

    Another Céline clutch (pink suede embroidered with copper wire (?))
    Chloé canvas bag
    IMG_3480.JPG IMG_3450.JPG
  8. Chloé taupe Paddington
    Bottega Veneta brown 'clutch'
    IMG_3491.JPG IMG_3509.JPG
  9. Bottega Veneta woven bronze bag
    Dior python ballet bag
    IMG_3451.JPG IMG_3443.JPG
  10. Dior D'Trick bag
    Delvaux vintage messenger bag
    IMG_3447.JPG IMG_3471.JPG
  11. Dior limited edition clutch (only 500 made)
    Chanel caviar classic 2.55
    IMG_3488.JPG IMG_3446.JPG
  12. Love those two and the Bottega bronze hobo!
  13. Chanel Black Cerf bag
    Chanel yellow clutch
    IMG_3499.JPG IMG_3489.JPG
  14. 2 Fendi bags
    IMG_3460.JPG IMG_3484.JPG
  15. White Fendi
    and Fendi oyster (sorry, bad picture!)
    IMG_3492.JPG IMG_3485.JPG