Ispired By?

  1. Of course no one is ever going to mistake the two, but while flipping channels I saw QVC was showcasing Tignanello. The studio display poster in the background reminded me of "bare bones" Sienna.

    So I went to Tignanello's website and here's what I found. I'm sure there are plenty of others "inspired by" around (not including fakes).
  2. Yes....that is definitely an inspired bag.
  3. Someone posted a while ago about these bags they were at TJMaxx!! I was like, "WHOA, that looks like a Sienna!!" def inspired by. TArget also has bags right now that are patent Natasha's ! In yellow and blue and red....def that Natasha shape.
  4. Sorry I meant Inspired By.

    I laughed when I saw this again. :nuts:
  5. Totally inspired..