Isolde/Rodarte anywhere?

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  1. I have been searching high and low for a pair of Isolde in the US, Euro and my current country. But there was no hope! Is the Isolde completely sold out all over the world ? Or they still exist somewhere? Any of us has seen them on boutique recently?

    There is a pair similar to Isolde called Rodarte 140cm has seen on Victoria Bekham. Had anyone tried to order a pair from Paris store? I head somewhere that they accept order for Rodarte and custome made them. Is this rule applied for the Isolde too?
  2. There are Isolde popping up on the Ebay all the time there was one on UK site in a 36 or 37 only last week!!

    I will keep an eye open for you xx Hope you find them soon
  3. Really? :loveeyes:

    There was a pair of Tsunami on ebay a few months ago - for 10k I think. The Tsumani were produce in very limited quantities IIRC, the other CL for Rodarte shoes were not mass-produced at all. Danielle here has a pair of Tsumani. They are TDF!
  4. which color are you looking to find ?
    the black ones are still available in 36.5 on European E-com right now
  5. Thank you so much dear. You are so kind. I would die to have a pair in size 36 nude/ gold. I just search the Uk site but can't find them...
  6. Yes it is true dear. I asked a friend on Instagram about her Rodarte. She said they were custom made for her in Paris. But it was 2 years ago...

    10k is really too much??? I heard retail price was 3800euro. I am crossing my fingers for Danielle' shoes' now. Want to know how beautiful they are!!!!
  7. I lam looking for the nude gold in Size 36 dear. I checked the European site but not sure those 36.5 can are larger than my foot...but thank you so much dear
  8. I would say the Isunami is harder to come by. Keep an eye out on ebay for Isoldes though! I've seen a few up there.
  9. I tried to seach on forum but cant find Danielle's topic. Can you give me her link dear. Thank you
  10. Not sure if this is helpful, but they have Isoldes left at the Holts in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The sales staff told me this the other day, and I saw them in person. Not sure which sizes though.
  11. There should be a pair of nude/gold Isolde at Saks Houston in a 36.
  12. Omg! Is this true? May I ask when did you see them? Do you have any contact of the SA there ? Thank you so much dear!!!

  13. They were sold out!