iSold It - eBay consignment store

  1. Anyone familiar with iSold It?

    This is from eBay itself:

    'About iSold It: iSold It is an online consignment retailer that helps individuals, businesses, and fundraising organizations sell their items on eBay. We do our best to accurately describe each item we sell. If you have any questions, please call us at XXXXXXXXXX before placing your bid.'

    OK, so I've spotted a bag that was authenticated in the Chanel forum as being good. My problem is with their return policy, it says and I quote: 'Sorry, there are no returns. But bid with confidence, as we guarantee the*authenticity of this item!'

    Is this their usual policy?

    What happens if the worse case scenario ocurred and the bag was in fact a fake or is this highly unlikely?

    Thank you for any advice!
  2. I would be weary of anything those iSoldit people are selling. I've seen them sell fakes before. I honestly don't think they know when someone gives them a fake to sell or not.
  3. I've reported MANY of these auction places for selling counterfeits. They do NOT know whats real and whats not and eBay WON'T touch them because of the volume they do.
  4. Thanks for your words of advice ArmCandyLuvr and Jugde Judy 58, I actually had no idea. I think it's a terrible policy that they won't do a refund for selling fakes.
  5. isoldits are the worst. they dont verify anything and just take customers word on bags when most are fake. I tried to sell my diamond invicta watch thru one because I couldnt get the pix to come out good, I told them the ct weight of the diamonds and they LIED on the auction and said it was more than it was! When I saw it I called them and they said it would sell better and dont worry about it. I dont think so! I got my watch back, and I copied THEIR pics so I can use them in an auction of my own. they are horrible.
  6. I got a fake Bleeker Bag from them. Thing was I was busy moving & wasn't paying attention. I pulled it out to clean it and lo & behold it had th worst stitching I ever had seen. I ask to return it (was within PP complaint time) and they said "no".

    For what I paid, I just chalked it up to my stupidty.

    I actually just got around to trashing it this AM, afeter offering it to my 81 y/o mom.
  7. WOW no one has a good thing to say about iSold It, although their feedback is very good.

    I think I'll take everyone's advice (coupled with my fear of eBay), I'll be better off letting the bag go.

    I'd be devasted if I bought a fake for a grand.
  8. iSoldIt's are franchised stores in cities throughout the world. There are probably 3 of them here in my city, so they are all different ID's on eBay. They sell anything that can be sold. There is one that comes to the eBay purses board to have their bags authenticated, but the rest do not care.
  9. I have also bought some nice stuff from them too. It isn't all bad. One just has to remember to authenticate!
  10. Most of what I've seen are fakes. Considering almost all of them are power criminals...oops...power sellers, most of the items don't get pulled even when reported by a large number of people. Frankly, it is a great place for counterfeit sellers to peddle their lousy goods IMO since it seems eBay protects these franchisees.
  11. This past fall I purchased a new Black Epi Agenda. It was authentic and still had the tags with it. I ended up giving it as an X-Mas gift to a family member who was extremely pleased. I also took it to my SA in my LV boutique and she guaranteed its authenticity as well.
  12. i won one real item and have bid on at least 3 other items (and lost) that i was 100% pos tehy were real. you just have to be as careful as you would be with any other seller. pay through paypal and use a cc.
  13. Some are real and some are fakes - the actual ISoldIt seller has no clue. Which is why consignment centers that specialize in general merchandise have no business consigning luxury items unless they have expertise in detecting counterfeits
  14. Hi Ladies.
    Any recent info regarding ISOLDIT stores and anyone buy or sell thru them recently...?
    Thanks in advance... :smile:
  15. As I understand, they're individually owned franchises who sell on consignment and most do little to authenticate their items before listing.

    Most of them do post great pictures so if you know what to look for regarding authenticity, you'll do okay but personally, I would prefer a seller who does his/her homework and knows that all items comply with the law.