ISO: Violet Lambskin Flap

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  1. If you guys spot one...any size...could you post the location/information for me? I'm in the middle of Oklahoma, not exactly a "hot spot" for the latest of anything. I'd appreciate the extra sets of eyes!
  2. I've seen purple flaps recently at the following stores:
    Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island - Newport Beach, CA *Jumbo*
    Chanel Boutique at South Coast Plaza - Costa Mesa, CA *Medium*
    Chanel Boutique at the Bellagio - Las Vegas, NV *Jumbo*

    Hope you get one! :smile:
  3. Thanks! :flowers:
  4. Did violet lambskin flap come in silver and/or gold hardware? I may have to get myself one of those jumbos!

  5. Sounds pretty....:love: