ISO: Turnlock Quinn in Black

  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find one of these bags? I've searched online to no avail. Zappos has one in mouse grey but I need one in black. I see I missed the sale ($311) :crybaby:

    Thanks for any help!
  2. I have not seen a black Quinn recently. eBay has 2 cordovan (reddish) ones listing now. The mouse grey is very pretty also. Maybe a black one will come up on eBay soon. I have not seen them anywhere else online besides Zappos in quite some time. Sorry, I didn't provide any help!! I really hope you find one!! Good Luck!!
  3. Thanks staciesg26! I have a Faridah in mouse grey so I was looking for a black one. The grey is gorgeous. I did see the ones on ebay. I wasn't sure about the color. I do need a basic black bag.
  4. There were 2 black Quinns at Macy's (union square) in SF the last time I checked. Hopefully they're still there.
  5. Thanks Jira! I was hoping to buy one online with an easy return policy in case I didn't like the bag.

    I just called Plaza Too and left a voice mail. I also sent them an email. I'm assuming they are closed due to the holiday today. I hope they have it although I think they just used the wrong photo and that they have the Dr. Q.
  6. A customer service rep replied to my email, thanking me for pointing out the error and informed me it was corrected.

    However, now I can't make up my mind if I really want/need this bag! :confused1:
  7. *sits on your shoulder* You need it. You NEED it.

  8. oxyoxy136, lol! Thanks! I recently have cut back on all my bag purchases so I want to make sure I really want and need this one! I would LOVE to find a coupon or discount code for this. That would definitely make my decision easier :yes: