ISO: Tote Bags similar to Longchamp (leather or nonleather)

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  1. I really want to get a nice tote bag for the fall/winter season. I've had
    the Longchamp Pliage and don't like the lack of organization. My Longcamp also has several small holes in the corners. Can someone please recommend a leather or non-leather bag that is similar in style to a Longchamp? thanks..

  2. I really like my Tumi shopper nylon bag. Large enough for work and an easy bag for running errands too.
  3. Dooney and bourke has similar bags to the longchamp
  4. Dooney does have some nice, solidly made totes. Also, I've been using a JPK Paris lovesac for a travel tote--they come in a lot of different patterns in addition to solids, and a variety of sizes. I have the largest size, which is huge, and I just use it for travel, not an everyday bag, so I'm not sure about how it would hold up over time. It has held up well with my excessive packing. It has one inner zip pocket and a couple of slip pockets. They turn up on the sample sale sites every now and then, which is where I got mine, but they're not very expensive to begin with. Cole Haan also has some nice nylon/leather totes. I just bought a couple of them, because I was wanting something lightweight that didn't look too casual or chintzy.