ISO: suede carryall/artist's satchel, need help please!

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  1. Hi, I'm in search of a suede carryall/artist-type satchel that looks like the one below from

    I had a gorgeous one and unfortunately got rid of it and of course it's haunting me. My original suede satchel came from the art supply shop FLAX (formerly on 3rd Ave). I don't think they carry it anymore.

    I'd get the Vanson one but I am not loving the stitching on the handles or suede... I've been looking for years!

    I know it's not designer or even that fashionable... Can anyone give me some leads. Thank you!!

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  2. I checked Flax's web site (which I'm sure you have, too) but didn't see anything. Your bag reminded me of something I'd seen on Sundance ... this isn't quite what you're looking for, I don't think, but I've always liked this bag... they have it in smooth leather as well.
  3. indiaink, that bag's by Ellington, right?

    Excellent suggestion and since it's on ebags, there's always the option to return the bag :smile:
  4. Thanks for doing some searching on this! I did happen on the Sundance site during my searches. Isn't this Robert Redford's company? It's not quite what I'm looking for but they look lovely nonetheless!
  5. pidgeon and passerby, thanks for your help too!

    Lovely bags.
  6. mmm.... took another look at the "Ellington"... it does look quite close to what I want, doesn't it? I have put it into my shopping cart for the time being so I can keep track of it.

    If I could just find it a little longer (north/south), and shorter handles for carrying in the hand...