ISO: Small or mini Lambskin classic flap in black w/ gold hardware at NM

  1. I have been searching several Neiman Marcus stores for the last 5 days for a small or mini Lambskin classic flap in black with gold hardware. Has anyone seen one at their local Neiman's? I was told if I could find it I could still have it for the pre-price increase price. If you have seen it, please PM me with the Neiman's location. I would be very grateful :smile:
  2. are you looking for the one $1475 (pre-price increase)? 9''?
  3. I believe that is it. The medium was $1795. Any leads? Please share :yes:
  4. You know that i saw that at Sak's in and ask for my SA-Joseph....if you call his cell he will respond faster its 917-776-9353..Good luck!!!!
  5. the mini is like $980 or something IIRC. (I ordered it today).
    Check the San Diego location NM.