ISO: Please help me FIND!

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  1. Please post items you're seeking in this thread.

    Responders, you may NOT post items you're selling or respond to ISO to let people know you have that item.
    You MUST post the store/location in which you saw the sought item.
    Sales Associates are not allowed to post that they can get the sought items.
  2. Hi. I am looking for a Maxi in Navy. Please let me know!!! It has to be from a store that can ship. Txs!!!!!!!
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  3. I am looking for the old Medium Boy in Black Quilted Calfskin (or Metallic Calfksin) with the aged silver hardware. Please message me if you known of any department stores that have one in stock!
  4. Hi, I am looking for mini flaps either square or rectangle in any colors. Please let me know if you have seen them. TIA
  5. Hi! I'm looking for a black on black boy WOC from NM or BG!
  6. Looking for a black caviar or black lamb jumbo. Prefer silver hw but will be happy with either. Posting for my very serious BFF. She's ready to buy NOW!! Please PM me w any intel. Thx!!
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  7. Also looking for a white caviar jumbo w gold hw. Ready to buy ASAP! Lol!! Thx much!!
  8. still looking for a lambskin mini or lambskin boy in old medium, please PM me if you have seen any!

  9. Pm me I have a sa

  10. Pm me I have a sa who I just got a small lamb boy from and he has another
  11. Looking for black caviar rect mini w SHW for my friend. Hoping before increase. Thanks!
  12. Looking for old medium black boy calf/lamb
  13. Looking for fuchsia woc in lambskin.
  14. Looking for lambskin black medium flap with gold, and minis in any color, open to lambskin, caviar and patent. Please help. Thank you!!
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  15. Despertly looking for black caviar or lamb mini.
    Pleaseeee please pm me if you hear of anything!
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