ISO MJ Zip Clutch Deals

  1. I'm lusting for an MJ Zip Clutch in the worst way, but I do NOT want to pay the better part of $400 for a wallet. Has anyone seen any deals on one? If not, can you loverly enablers keep an eye out for one? No particular color in mind, though I do like the graphite and whiskey colors. TIA! :tender:
  2. has it in black and graphite. The TREAT2 code seems to be working for 20% off so it comes to $316. You can also go through ****** for an extra 3% cash back I think? Hope that helps.
  3. Yes, I saw that earlier, but I just don't trust Bloomies to come through on stuff from their website. :sad:
  4. i just saw a used one that was auth on ebay...if you're willing to go used, i'll find you the link :smile:
  5. Bloomingdale's F&F event is coming up soon! Someone just told me that! They say it may be Nov.18. I am lusting after the MJ Ursula quilted clutch/wallet myself! Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was told that the F&F is on November 15.