ISO: MJ Saloni in Bisque

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  1. If anyone spots this one, could you give me a heads up? Thanks so much!
  2. Have you found it yet?
    If not, MJ boutique in LA has Saloni in Bisque. If you are interested, their number is 323-653-5100. Please ask for Stella. =)
  3. Helena,
    I did find it. I got it today, and was really disappointed. I was expecting an eggshell, creamish color. I was thinking something close to the chalk patent bowler, but a bag that can be carried on the shoulder. But, in reality, the bisque is about two shades darker and one shade more yellow than the stock photos indicate. It is a flat, Blake-style bag for anyone that is interested. Quite a bit lighter than the typical MJ, too. But, I already sent it back.

    Thanks for the tip, regardless!
  4. aw, sorry you didn't like it! it's good to hear a review of it since I haven't really picked one up at the stores yet. Can it be carried on the shoulder, or is strictly a satchel type bag?

    BTW, I saw these bags faked on ioffer! how awful...
  5. Tami, you should ask Matthew to send you pictures of the bag before buying. Did you like the leather and style?

    I saw all the colors in real life recently; I didn't compare them to the stock photos, Bisque and Oatmeal look pretty. I really don't like the thin fabric lining used for all the bags and their matching accessories in this MIXED QUILTED LEATHER line, the interior feels/looks cheap.

    This line is made of goat leather, it is quite soft and smooth; I don't know why the styles in Black feel stiff. The matching Zip Clutch (97% goat + 3% calf) is also soft and smooth, the leather reminds me of Fall 05's nappa leather. The Black accessories have very obvious contrast stitching (grey, really pop), my SA and I thought they aren't too good looking.

    The leather feels nicer than those regular quilted ZCs from this year.
  6. It can be carried on the shoulder, but the strap is just a stiff strip of leather, and so it is not too comfortable. It does not have the drop of the Blake, either, and so the shoulder fit is a bit tight.

    Helena-I did like the leather on the main part of the bag. I didn't like the leather buckle flaps on the bottom...I think it would make it difficult to set the bag down. The color was pretty, but not close to the stock photo at all! I will definately have Matthew send a photo next time. Thank you for suggesting me some postage.

    I guess I just don't think this bag is worth the price tag. At least for me. Thanks for the support, ladies!
  7. Tami, my friend & I felt the same way about the bottom of the bag too. My friend's interested in the Emily when we saw it last november, we wish the bottom was different. She's waiting for Plum, I am not sure if she'll go for it now that the color's in stores already. I thought the thin lining cheapens the bags.

    Buying bags without seeing them first can be pretty troublesome, it's nice to have a SA who can give her/his honest opinions. You will be able to come across another bag in the near future. More Chanel maybe? =)

  8. :smile:
    Never takes too long to find something beautiful if you hang around here!